Friday, January 9, 2009

All-Pro Honors for Woodson, Collins

The Packers secondary duo has already been honored with Pro Bowl selections for their 2008 campaign, and now they can All-Pro selections to their resume. Well, 2nd team All-Pro actually, but who's counting!

It's a great honor for both Woodson and Collins, although you can argue that Woodson is deserving of a first team selection. With all the heat Ted Thompson has taken for his roster acquisition process, he should really be credited for bringing both of these players into Green Bay.

The Woodson signing a few years back has really been Ted Thompson's only big splash into the free agency market in his brief tenure. At the time it was a signing that seemed aimed to appease Brett Favre, as he was still clamoring about not signing a big name free agent like Randy Moss. Maybe this year Aaron Rodgers should bitch for Terrell Owens, and then Thompson will sign Julius Peppers. That'd be nice.

As for Collins, he's been the most successful of Thompson's draft picks on the defensive side of ball. He initially won Packers fans hearts by his inability to say his alma mater Bethune-Cookman during pre-game introductions, but has kept their approval by his big-play ability.

So congrats guys, and may you spend the off-season teaching the rest of your defensive teammates how not to suck so bad.


Anonymous said...

Biggest picture ever?

Anonymous said...

woodson signed in 2006. the favre moss stuff was 2007. his signing was nothing to do with moss.

Winks said...

Either way, Favre was probably bitching about something that summer. Like why he's such a douche, perhaps.

Thanks for fact-checking though.

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