Sunday, January 25, 2009

Marquette Improves to 6-0 in Big East

"[McNeal] is like the in-law that comes over to your house," DePaul coach Jerry Wainwright said. "He has a suitcase and he's not leaving. I love the kid. He's a testament to what college basketball is all about. I wouldn't want him guarding me."

As I went to check out the version of this article (which is really just a cut and paste rehash of the Associated Press' leg work), this quote by DePaul's coach struck me as particularly odd. I mean, I understand what the guy is trying to say, that Jerel McNeal is a hell of a ball player. But to phrase the compliment in the form of a Bill Simmons style of comparison just seems weird and out of place.

Wainwright's got a point though, McNeal is awesome. So is this Marquette team right now though to be honest. Even though the 79-70 final against DePaul might not be the most impressive result for a team ranked tenth in the nation, it's already the team's 17th victory on the season. McNeal lead the way with 21 points, while Wesley "If I Would Have Went to Wisconsin They Wouldn't Have More Than One Big Ten Loss Right Now" Matthews chipped in 20.

The win also puts Marquette at 6-0 in conference play, their best start in that category, ever. Admittedly, their schedule is a little light in the front as they don't play the best of their competition until the end of the season, but winning in conference is never easy.

Unless you're name is the Butler Bulldogs and you're playing against UW-Milwaukee.

High comedy.


Mr.Man said...

Hey. If you want your text to be wider, you have to change the "template" of your blog. The format I chose is "minima stretch."

Anonymous said...

maybe he likes it this way because it makes the articles look longer

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