Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's Looking Like Nolan

Mike Nolan gave Mike McCarthy the opportunity to be on his coaching staff back in 2005. Four years later, it looks like McCarthy is ready to give the same chance to Mike Nolan. Nothing is official quite yet, but all signs are pointing to Mike Nolan becoming the defensive coordinator for the Packers. Per the glory and goodness that is the Green Bay Press-Gazette:

Two NFL sources said Tuesday that coach Mike McCarthy appears likely to bring in Nolan to replace Bob Sanders, whose firing was announced Monday. One source said word at the Cactus Bowl, the all-star game for Division II seniors in Kingsville, Texas, is the move is all but done. Another said there appeared to be at least a 90 percent chance Nolan will join the Packers.
So anonymous sources is what we're going on for this one, but it seems to be the most logical fit. Nolan has previously been a defensive coordinator with the Raves, Jets, Giants, and Redskins. He's also had extensive experience juggling both the 4-3 and the 3-4 defensive schemes. I'd love to see Nolan come to Green Bay and gradually implement the 3-4, because of how affective it can be. However, the Packers current defense doesn't really have the right personnel for the 3-4, so it would be interesting to see how that would unfold.

So nothing official as of yet, but we think it's only a matter of time on this one. When I asked my friend Behnke, a 49ers fan, about what he thought of Nolan, he told me "Well, he has experience I guess. (And) his favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla. I want rep for that."

In related Packers coaching news, McCarthy has an interview lined up with Broncos defensive line coach Bill Johnson. McCarthy also says he's not looking to bring Jeff Jagodzinski back to his staff, as Jags is getting fired by Boston College for simply trying to be successful.


Unknown said...

Nolan would be good at a transition to a 3-4 after a year or two of drafting (FA doesn't exist with TT). No way the D-line and LBs are fit for a straight 3-4, kampman standing up to be olb? Cause he's too small to play 34 DE. I could see a heavy 43 hybrid with light 34 eventually in the upcoming season depending on the draft. One odd thing is that the 9s defense improved after his departure.

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