Saturday, January 10, 2009

24 Season 7: The First Seventeen Minutes

Editor's Note: I've bumped this post to the top to help you get even more jacked up for tonight's season premeire of 24. Enjoy.

When I heard that the first 17 minutes of 24 were going to be available on the 24:Resurrection DVD, I told myself I would do whatever it took to restrain myself from buying the disc just to watch the sneak peak. In that quest, I succeeded.

But then when I found the first 17 minutes of Season 7 were available free of charge online, I couldn't resist but watch them. Even though I am trying not to spoil myself on anything that happens this season, I caved. And it was worth it.

Now, I'd like to pass the same opportunity onto you. Here are the first 17 minutes of the 7th season of 24, set to premiere this January on FOX!


Anonymous said...

Janeane Garafalo???? or however you spell it. Interesting choice. by the way, consider me pumped for season 7.

Winks said...

I keep spelling premiere wrong.

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