Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ball Drops Early on Bucks

It looked like one of your classic 2007-2008 Bucks games after the first half, but as we've said before this is not your typical Bucks team. Even though they looked liked Rex Grossman trying to make New Years Eve plans after the game, the Bucks gave their best during the game but ultimately lost to the Rockets 85-81.

That's the bad news. The good news? Even at 15-18, the Bucks are still slotted in the 8th seed for the Eastern Conference if the playoffs started today. And with many home games and a more manageable schedule on the horizon, the Bucks are easily going to finish .500 on the season, with the way they've been playing. So book your playoff tickets now.

That's a weird thing to say for a team that is currently sifting their way through a losing record, but even when the Bucks don't look that good they still look good. On Wednesday night, it was Mikey Redd leading the charge with 20 points. Charlie Bell had 15 points off the bench, and Luke Ridnour added 11 dimes as well as points.

Was it the Bucks best game of the season? Of course not. But it was something interesting to watch before the party started on New Year's Eve, so thank the Bucks for that. The ball may have dropped early on the Bucks in Houston, but something tells me there will be plenty of partying this season when it comes to the 2009 Bucks.

Box Score? I'd like some Box Score, babe.

TBC Buck of the Game: Charlie Bell - for his 15 bench points including 3 three-pointers and 6-9 shooting.


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