Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pack Hire Another Coach

The Journal Sentinel's Greg A. Bedard says that the Packers defense is slowly but surely turning into Steelers West, and that's a comparison I would be happy to live with. You know, because their defense is always good and they're heading to their seventh Super Bowl.

Besides the connections to the Steelers they already have with Capers and Kevin Greene, the Packers announced that former Steelers defensive back and assistant coach Darren Perry will coach the safeties next season. He will be coming from Oakland where he was the defensive backs coach.

Perry is no stranger to those in the Packers organization, having been coached by Capers, played with Green, coached by Winston Moss, and on the Saints when McCarthy was their offensive coordinator. So once again, it's not what you know, but who you know.

How great is this defensive staff turning out to be? For all these years, we have been lead by these soft old white guys that were never any good on the field. Now we have some hard-nosed former Steelers and Dom Capers to lead the 3-4? I'm liking that.

Bedard also speculates that Joe Whitt Jr. will instruct the rest of the defensive backs, while Mark Lovat would take the strength position.


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