Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bucks Loss Stays True to Pattern

No matter how you feel about the Milwaukee Bucks, you have to admit that they have currently found themselves in a rhythm right now. That is, a rhythm of win one game, lose the next. It's a pattern that started with a December 23rd victory over the Jazz, and has been going on for 12 games. It's a pattern that stayed in check with a 102-99 loss against the Miami Heat.

The Bucks did play well on Wednesday, getting 25 points from Luke Ridnour and another 13 from Joe Alexander off the bench. You couldn't really argue with their defense or their shot selection, but it still wasn't enough tonight. The Heat won this game because they pretty much made anything they wanted to, especially from beyond the arc.

While last year the Bucks made a star out of Chris Quinn coming off the bench for the Heat, tonight those honors went to Daequan Cook. Cook had 24 points as a reserve, including going a ridiculous 6 for 8 from three point land, with five of those happening in his first seven minutes of action. Michael Beasley also contributed greatly off the bench, chipping in with 21 points.

So while this was more of a Heat win than it was a Bucks loss, it's still a little discouraging that the Bucks have settled into this win/loss/win/loss pattern. Although, if they keep it up, they'll still probably be able to sneak into the Eastern Conference playoffs as an 8 seed. However, if they keep up the pattern, they'll go 2-1 in their upcoming West Coast road trip, and I'd take that.

Before we leave you though tonight, we'd like to congratulate Joe Alexander for the campaign he ran for the Slam Dunk contest. We won't know until later whether he won or lost, but it was a good campaign that brought the Bucks more positive attention than Yi Jianlian ever could have. But whether he remains a Buck for much longer, that still remains to be seen.

Where ever you play in the future though, Joe, try to work on your three point shot, will you?

Hey, shouldn't there be a score in that box? Oh wait, here it is.

TBC's Player of the Game: Luke Ridnour.


Anonymous said...

So what is the deal with Joe Alexander taking the final shot of the game much less being in at crunch time? I don't watch the NBA much but come on. looking for some feedback from some RP?????


Anonymous said...

It's a pattern that's been going on for years. Mid-season mediocrity, then a bit of a meltdown and finally meaningless games in spring. Who can bring leadership to the team a-la George Karl? Where is will to win?

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