Friday, January 30, 2009

How Can Anyone Possibly Defend This Guy Anymore?

Throughout this whole Favre saga, I used to say that even though I hate him now, someday I'll learn to forgive him. Someday I'll welcome him back to have his number retired, someday I'll make the trip to Canton to see him inducted into the Hall of Fame. But after this season and it's many twists and turns, forget it. Favre sucks, and I don't like the guy.

The reason I post this today is because of a highly-circulated interview Aaron Rodgers did on the Michael Irvin Show this week down in Tampa. In it, Rodgers says that Favre hasn't returned any of his phone calls in the past year, and that his presence at training camp was a huge distraction to the team. Part of the transcript can be found here, or you can listen to the interview yourself. I would suggest listening to it, as you'll really be able to feel the pain - if that's the appropriate word - in Aaron's voice as he wonders how his relationship with Favre went astray.

Throughout the interview, Rodgers is asked some pretty personal questions. He answers most of them honestly, but refuses to put words in Favre's mouth or talk badly about his former teammate. If you're a Packer fan, this interview might be weird to listen to at first, because of how accustomed we've become with having Favre just say whatever he wants to whoever he wants without thinking of the consequences (i.e. Greta Van Susteren). Rodgers shows the kind of professionalism and grace in his mid-20s that Favre is still looking for as he reaches 40.

It's not just because of this interview why I am once again attacking Favre, it's more or less the way everything has played out since he fake retired. This offseason is already shaping up to be like the last five offseasons in terms of the drama that follows Favre and his "Will He or Won't He?" return scenarios. I just don't understand how a quarterback who I loved watching growing up has turned into this larger-than-life egotistical drama queen.

Favre is the one that retired. Favre is the one that left. I'm so sorry, Brett, that the Packers had to move on without you. I'm so sorry they spent an entire offseason changing the playbook to better suit Rodgers' strengths, and didn't feel like you coming back would make this team any more competitive. I'm so sorry that Thompson and McCarthy thought that ten years of Aaron Rodgers and no Favre would be better than one year of Favre and no Rodgers. After all this, after all that YOU put Aaron Rodgers through this year, you are the one not returning his calls?

Real professional.

And can we stop with the argument that Favre "earned" the right to do whatever he wanted because of all the success he had in Green Bay? All the success? I guess if one Super Bowl victory followed by years of disappointment "earns" you immunity with a team, then why aren't the Buccaneers on the phone with Brad Johnson right now?

Please, please, please don't try to defend this guy anymore. You can't do it. If you want to still remember the good times he gave us, that's fine. They happened, and they are a part of Packers history. But cherishing the memories Favre gave us is not the same as sticking up for the person he has become.

So go ahead. Retire his number. Induct him into the Hall of Fame. Honor this guy with the awards he clearly deserves for his work on the field. But I'm asking you, when that day comes, I hope you don't forgive him for what he has to his former teammates. I hope you don't let bygones be bygones while accepting the person he has become. And when he is inducted, I hope you don't look at him with the same admiration you did when he wore the Green and Gold.

Clearly, he doesn't deserve it.


TZar said...

This has to be one of the more disappointing things I can ever remember as far as Packer football. The actual audio from this interview makes you feel horrible for A-Rod. I have no doubt that he truly looked up to Favre and Favre let him down.

Anonymous said...

Longtime reader first time commenter, if you exclude the one remark I made about Winks making out with Beanie. I like the blog. I think it is fairly objective considering the point of view you admit to taking. Both Winks and Mr. Fred have well thought out post. Winks Thinks is usually good too. Maybe that is because his life is so sad it makes me feel good about my own or maybe I just agree with him on a lot of stuff. The site could afford to lose the soccer, 24, and Lost posts though, but I will not complain about those now because I could go on for days about how awfulness of those shows and that sport.

Winks, your view on Favre like TC’s is slightly outrageous. I will give you that he has appeared to be quite an ass over the last year. However, we need to remember there are two sides to every story and we will never get the complete story. Even if Favre is the biggest ass in the western hemisphere which he sometimes appears to be, I would still say he is one of the five biggest sports stars in Wisconsin history. Nobody could laugh you out of the bar suggesting Favre is one of the greatest. I would definitely have him in my dream foursome to golf with, but if he too big of a dick I might drop him at the turn. You are right he did not earn the right to wait as long as he wanted to make up his mind. The only things he earned are his accolades, money, and our admiration while he was with the Packers. It might be true that he cost them many games and that other quarterbacks may have won more Super Bowls with the talent he had surrounding him. That is not the point. The point is for most of our lives the Packers were relevant in the NFL. Most years they were competitive week in and week out. Obliviously, there are many individuals who deserve credit for those accomplishments. Without argument Favre is one of the main ones. Therefore, I still have the same admiration for him today, but only on his accomplishments as a Packer. Other than how it effected the draft pick the Packers received I could have cared less how he performed last season. Many greats have separated from the “great” team. Stars such as Montana, Marcus Allen, Vince Lombardi have moved after it appeared they would never leave. Regardless of the situation they left under and their accomplishments after, time healed everyone’s memory. I believe the same will happen with Favre.

I agree he is a dick if he did call Rodgers back and he made it uncomfortable for people. However just as the team did not owe Favre anything, he did not owe the team anything. He definitely did not owe Rodgers anything. He was cold to Rodgers at first and that was wrong, but I think it would be hard for both parties so you can not blame him. Then it appeared that he was decent mentor. Rodgers skills definitely improved over the years. When Favre left the Packers, he owed nothing to Rodgers. He is free to blow him off at his own desire. True he looks like an ass but it does not take away the legend he was as a Packer. Many sports legends were assholes.

I still think we as Packers should have admiration for Favre and what he did for Wisconsin as a Packer. This admiration should not waiver on mistakes he makes now.

Anonymous said...

I probably have many typos because I did not prove read my rant. So do not bother calling out on those. In the last paragraph I meant Packers fans.

Anonymous said...

H, I get where you are coming from on a few points, but can't agree with all of them.

You say his admiration should not waiver on mistakes he makes now, but it does. It's an extreme example, but admiration for O.J. Simpson and others who have messed up after their playing careers clearly declines, and for good reason.

I absolutely loved Favre when he was here, ignoring all of the shit that I knew other people hated about him. Now that the blinders are off, though, I just can't believe I let myself ignore all of it.

You talk a lot about how Favre didn't owe it to us or Rodgers. The same applies for fans. Fans don't owe shit to Favre. I don't care what he did while he was here, he's a horrible person and I don't have to bask in the memories he gave us. I'm actually sickened to watch what once were prized memories, much like an O.J. Simpson touchdown run is a pain for USC, Bill, and even 49ers fans.

And no, he didn't owe it to Rodgers to return his calls. Technically, nobody owes anything to anybody, but you see their true character when they follow through on something as simple as returning a phone call.

Many sports stars were assholes, good for them. Just because they were great athletes doesn't mean I have to have respect for someone who can't at least pretend to be a semi-decent guy.

I used to always want to go to Favre's jersey retirement or his induction to Canton. Now, if I go, it'll be to boo this asshole. He represents everything wrong about sports.

The fact that I used to love him so much makes me hate him that much more, because part of it is hating myself for annoying others who didn't ignore Favre's ineptitudes.

I hope we don't retire his number and I hope we give it to some shitty punter next season.

Also, just to not scare you off, this is not a personal attack on you. I just really, really hate Favre.

Unknown said...

H, take off the blinders. Favre is not the second coming of Jesus as the whole state of Wisconsin thought for years. Favre had many great games for the Pack throughout the years but he also had alot of bad games that he completely blew by himself. Yes he brought us to the superbowl twice and played well in both of them, but both of those years we had stacked teams and I believe we had the top O and D the year we won it. I think its hilarious that Favre actually thinks he's one of the top QB's in the league still. All of this BS he has pulled at the end of his career is only making him look like an idiot and finally the world gets to see his true colors.

Anonymous said...

Wow Packer fans are sure fickle. Perhaps future HOFers will bolt for FA knowing how quick the fans are to turn their back on you?

Favre had moved on just like the "fans" wanted him to do yet he is supposed to return AR's calls? In fact dare I say AR is acting like spoiled brat (boo hoo my calls are not being returned) and airing dirty laundry as well.

I still believe Favre was forced out the door by the stooges in charge of GB. Also blame the media (and bloggers) every year for running the possible retirement story.

We do not know both sides to this story but I think Favre got backstabbed by management. Oh and comparing Favre to OJ is just plain sick. It is not a legit example whatsoever.

It is reasons like this I walked away from being a Packer fan. The fans that used to be the greatest in the world have shown to be bitter, classless and fickle. They are no better than Oakland or Philly fans IMO. Maybe when current management is gone and the fans decide to behave better I'll return as a fan and spend my $$$ on the team. But I am not holding my breath....

Winks said...

Well then let me be the first to say good riddance.

TZar said...


you should blog on Favre like once a week. You get the most comments on your favre commentary and it gets everybody all fired up.

Anonymous said...

T, you talk about two sides of the story, but yet, you maintain a full backing behind Favre. Then go as far as to say MM, TT, and the other MM are stooges and ran him out of town. It is very clear you too far balls deep on Favre to have any sort of objective statement.

While Im not nearly as anti-Favre as most people who have posted here, I'm definately not pro-Favre at this point. I am a fan of the Packers. Another year of known mediocraty does not outweigh seeing what the future holds because we should be sedimental for what Favre did for Packer fans.

Then you say AR is being a spoiled Brat??? If you think that, then how was Favre on Greta Van Susteran last year not being a vendictive, whining little bitch? I mean come on. AR said he thought things were ok between the two, but when he called Favre, he never answered. HE said this on a sports radio show. Favre threw an entire team and organization under the bus on national TV and on FOX NEWS CHANNEL, which was hyped before hand to get people to watch. Pathetic.

Personally, I could care less if you aren't a Packer fan anymore or at least until management is out. It's fine, shows how deep your fandom runs. Through thick and thin I stick by my teams regardless who runs them.

Anonymous said...

T, you are right. I shouldn't insult OJ with comparisons to Favre.

Bear, you forgot to include Mark Murphy as the third stooge, brought here to team with McCarthy and Thompson to ruin the Packers!!!!! They think we are all so fickle fickle fickle that we don't see their master plan!!!!! Thompson wants to destroy us!!!

Bear also made a great point about Favre on Greta, considering T called A Rodge a brat. Did you even listen to the radio interview? Rodgers was trying to avoid all of those questions, and Irvin and that other idiot kept alluding to the fact that he was clearly uncomfortable with them.

It wasn't like he came on the show with the intent to bash Favre, and he even refused when given multiple opportunities, unlike Favre on Greta. Plus A Rodge doesnt have a wife whos BFF's with the interviewer.

Lastly, Favre wasn't forced out the door. We just made damn sure to lock it when he left. And, if you really ever were a serious Packer fan and you now aren't because you can't admit that Favre's a prick, we'll make damn sure to lock the door on you as well.

Anonymous said...

Also, T, I do agree that a lot of Packer fans are idiots, but to call anyone classless while defending Favre at the same time defies logic.

Also, fickle.

Unknown said...

T, its easy to see you are a typical Favre fan and not a Packer fan. You even admit your not a Packer fan anymore because Favre left. You are probably one of the many D-bags out there that went and bought a Jet Favre jersey. I'm guessing you're in your lower 20's and can only remember one QB playing for the Packers and now you're throwing a fit because your childhood man crush now looks like an idiot to everyone.

I'm guessing the only reason you even came across this site is because you were searching the internet to find out if your boyfriend is coming back next season. As a former Packer fan and I'm sure now a Jets fan how can you feel it's alright that the Prick can hold teams hostage and decide whether he's coming back whenever the hell he wants. We wouldn't have even drafted Rodgers had Favre not been such a drama his last 5 years with the Pack.

Winks said it right. Good Riddance. Have fun rooting for the Jets.

Anonymous said...

Winks, start a weekly Favre bashing column. I hate the D-bag.

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