Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Brewer Killer Strikes Again

God Dammit. I mean, this is just getting pathetic, and sort of unbelievable. Sort of an '07 Mets collapse, as my friend Shep suggests. Tonight, the nemesis came in the form of Brandon Phillips, proven Brewer Killer over the years. His RBI single in the 11th put the Reds ahead of the Crew 5-4, and that's how the game stood. With the loss, the Brewers fall to 2-7 in their last 9, with their playoff hopes slipping by the day.

Some thoughts on the game, in list form (because it's easier to skim than paragraphs!):

* Jeff Suppan continued his mediocrity. I thought he was good in September? The righty went just 5 1/3 innings tonight, giving up four runs.

* The Brewers used eight pitchers tonight, and I was the most impressed with Eric Gagne. This was a do or die situation for him when he came out for the tenth. He got through the inning, striking out two batters even.

* Meanwhile, Seth McClung took the loss tonight. He's been waiting for awhile to be in a truly meaningful situation for the Crew, but didn't take advantage of it tonight.

* You know what. I hate Cordero. He owes the Brewers so much after we basically gave him the chance to revive his career. Then he spurns us for an extra four million from the lowly Reds and comes back to Miller Park and rubs it in our face. What a d-bag.

* Cubs lost, Phillies lost. That's a good thing. But the Cardinals and Astros (seriously?) both won, making this Wild Card race a lot more congested. That's not a good thing.

* The Brewers only had five hits Tuesday night. Someone needs to save this offense, and in a hurry.

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: Ray Durham

(AP Photo/Morry Gash)


Jonk said...

Brandon "Brewer Killer" Phillips won't be playing on Wednesday night. He broke his right index finger tonight and is expected to miss the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...

Remember about 2 weeks ago when I told you (Winks) that we need to watch out for the Astros and you were like "they are too far back". Well look who is back in the mix, the Brewers need to get their shit together, I'm sick of this crap. We are playing the Reds, they suck ass and have lost the first 2 games. I'm sick of everyone blaming Yost, I've never been his #1 fan, but it's the player's fault for not making plays. It's time for the boys to become men and starting earning the big contracts they have or want. Prince is up for arbitration, fuck him, go to his locker and say start hitting when it matters and we'll pay you, maybe then they will step up their games.

Anonymous said...

I repeat - the Brewers are done. You can't win if you can't hit and move runners. Phillies are catching up fast. Fortunately, football is here...

Anonymous said...

cant blame coco at all. an extra four million is a lot of money, and you gotta make it while you can.

Winks said...

I suppose, but if I was making 46 million on a shitty team, I would gladly pay four million of it to be on a contender.

I guess it's up to the individual what's more important: Money or Winning?

Winks said...

Also, cc (the commenter, not the pitcher) was right. I totally disregarded the Astros, and now they're right in the mix.

Maybe the Randy Wolf trade was a genius move after all!

Anonymous said...

i know its a wednesday day game, but the stands are looking very county stadium-esque today.

Anonymous said...

and about coco, it looks like he has the best of both worlds, getting an extra four million and, from the looks of these last two games, hes the one on the contender.

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