Saturday, September 6, 2008

Badgers Thunder Past Marshall

When I was in college, some of my favorite weekends were the jaunts to Madison to go to the Badgers game. It was usually an early morning on Saturday, getting up at 8am to start the tailgaiting near Camp Randall. That aspect of the experience was so fun, sometimes we didn't make it into the stadium well into the 2nd quarter.

It seems like the Badgers employed a similar strategy themselves on Saturday afternoon.

The Badgers did not look good early, giving up the first 14 points of the game to the Thundering Herd. While fans like myself wondered out loud if this game was going to be an embarrassment, the Badgers were merely giving Marshall a head start. Marshall wouldn't score again, and the Badgers cruised to a 51-14 victory.

It was the running game that took care of business last week, but it was the passing game and defense (three INT's) that carried the Badgers this week. Allan Evridge only threw for one touchdown (to Garrett Graham), but his 308 yards kept the Badgers in control for most if not all of the second half.

P.J. Hill had two touchdowns, as did John Clay. The Badgers added another rushing touchdown via Zach Brown. So the stats might go to the running backs, as they were able to punch it in the end zone five times, but this was Evridge's game.

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(AP Photo/Morry Gash)


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