Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Bucky Five: Packers 48, Lions 25

5. Backfield By Committee

One of the bigger questions heading into Sunday's game was the status of Ryan Grant. He did play, but was ineffective, gaining just 20 yards on 15 carries. That allowed Brandon Jackson to steal the show, going 7 for 61 with a 4th quarter touchdown. Kregg Lumpkin had a nice 19 yard rush in the first quarter, and Aaron Rodgers looked good gaining 25 yards on the ground. By no means do I think Grant's job is in jeopardy, but it's nice to see the Packers have other options if he does indeed struggle at times.

4. This Rodgers Guy Is Pretty Good

First of all, not everything he does is "Favre-like", Matt Vasgerian. I haven't liked the announcer since he left the Brewers many moons ago, and every time I watch a game called by him, I end up liking him less. He couldn't stop making comparisons to Favre, which is expected I suppose, but his constant comparisons were very, let's say, "Kornheiser-like".

I've watched some of this Jets / Patriots game this afternoon, and I don't think Favre looks that good. Rodgers looks much sharper, better, and more effective. I'm much more comfortable with him running the show than I would be with some old indecisive drama queen. Right?

As for Rodgers, he went 24 for 28, throwing for 328 yards and 3 touchdowns. I'll admit not all his throws were perfect, some underthrown, but he definitely gave a top level NFL performance, and I'm kicking myself for not drafting him in fantasy. Because seriously, Carson Palmer really, really, sucks.

3. Maybe I'll Facebook Jon Ryan Again

I'd like to know his reaction to the performance of Derrick Frost so far. Frost couldn't hang on to a ball snapped his way, which ended up going out of the end zone for a safety. That would definitely have been the turning point of the game if the Lions held on to win this one, and Frost would likely be looking for work as soon as Monday.

2. It Got Quiet Here For a Moment

After that play, and the following Calvin Johnson touchdown, things got very quiet where I was at for the game. We started contemplating about how a loss to Detroit would feel like, and that would have been brutal. This was also around the same time the Brewers started to collapse over in Philly. I'm satisfied once again with the victory, but a few tense moments there today.

1. The Defense Rests

The tension ended as soon as Charles Woodson got his hands on a Jon Kitna ball and took it to the house for six. Just a few plays later, Nick Collins decided to do the same thing. So that was nice.

Not the greatest performance, but a lot to be happy about. I'm looking extremely forward to the Dallas game next weekend.


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