Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Bucky Channel Conversation: Jon Ryan

On Monday the Packers released punter Jon Ryan, who was expected to begin his third season with the club. The move came as a bit of a surprise, as the Packers chose to instead go into the season with Derrick Frost as their punter. The Bucky Channel had the opportunity to talk with Jon Ryan earlier today to ask him about the decision, and his future.

The Bucky Channel: How surprised were you when you were told of your release? Is there any ill will towards the Packers after the decision?

Jon Ryan: I have been playing pro football now for 5 years and I learned very early on that anything can happen at any time, so nothing ever really surprises me. No ill will, someone asked me yesterday if I had the opportunity to play for the Packers again someday, would I take it. I said, "in a heart beat."

TBC: How did you feel your training camp went?

Ryan: I was very happy with my training camp. I have been hitting the ball better and more consistently than I ever have before and I feel like I performed very well in the last 3 pre season games.

TBC: Which teams have you been in contact with, if any?

Ryan: My agent is in charge of talking to teams and he has talked to a few but at this point it is just a waiting game.

It seems to me like Ryan has his head on his shoulders and should be able to land another punting gig somewhere. I'd like to thank him for taking the time to chat with us, and he'll go down in history as the first person to participate in our new Q&A feature. So he's got that going for him, which is nice.


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Anonymous said...

Yeah no kidding...way cool!!!!

Ben said...

That's pretty cool you talked to him. A little disappointed in his release, honestly.

rory said...

I am pleased by his release: it will be nice not only to avoid the occasional shank, which Ryan had a penchant for, but also to have someone who can actually directional punt.


Anonymous said...

lets get more of this on the bucky channel!

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