Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gallardo Closer to Returning?

Guess who could be pitching for the Brewers sometime soon? Even though when he was injured earlier in May, Yovani Gallardo could very well join the team for a late playoff run, and possibly pitch into the playoffs. Here's what Tom Haudricourt had to say while writing his pre-game post this afternoon:
"As I write this blog, right-hander Yovani Gallardo is throwing a simulated game to a handful of Brewers hitters. Gallardo has been out since May 1 with a torn ACL in his right knee and the Brewers have maintained it is a long shot that he will pitch again this season."
Haudricourt also mentions that because the minor-league season is over, Gallardo can't go their for any sort of rehab assignment. But he is throwing a simulated game, so that can't be anything but a good sign. I have no idea personally how Gallardo is feeling or what the Brewers plan on doing with him, but I've thought all along that Yovani would make a triumphant return to the bigs sometime this season.

Keeping with the good news nature of this post, Ben Sheets is expected to make his next start on Saturday.


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