Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Annual Code Red Challenge Draft and Analysis

(Posted by Bear.... he's back everyone!)

Football season is on the cusp. Both Winks and I are huge Fantasy Football dorks and each year (for the past 7) 10 other good buddies from high school gather to draft for the league dubbed "Code Red Challenge". The league name has a long story behind it but I'll let Winks tell it if he feels like it. At any rate the draft and our thoughts on our picks may help those who have yet to draft or just enjoy reading any kind of fantasy football opinions you can get your hands on.

A little background on the rules of our league to help justify some picks. Our league is a 12 teams, point per reception league. We start 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, K, and DEF. We have 16 man rosters filled anyway the manager wants. 3 pick ups are free any other adds other than trades cost a $3 fee. 10 yards rec/rush = 1 point, 25 yards passing = 1 point, all TD's are worth 6 points. Defenses and kickers go by standard scoring.

Now on to the draft...


Team 1: LaDainian Tomlinson
Team 2: Brian Westbrook
Team 3: Adrian Peterson (MIN)
WINKS: Joseph Addai
Team 5: Steven Jackson
BEAR: Clinton Portis
Team 7: Ryan Grant
Team 8: Frank Gore
Team 9: Marion Barber III
Team 10: Tom Brady
Team 11: Randy Moss
Team 12: Larry Johnson

Bear's Thoughts

Best Pick: Tom Brady(10) Randy Moss is also a steal and say what you want about his production dropping inevitably but getting the best player in fantasy football last year at 10 is the best pick.

Worst Pick: Ryan Grant(7) I'm not a big fan of Gore or Johnson in the first round, but the worst pick has to be Ryan Grant. One half of a proven year and not playing alot in preseason while being on a real wildcard of an offense makes for a puzzling pick. Looks like nothing more than a homer pick.

Why did you take: Clinton Portis(6) Being in a PPR league, getting a back who gets receptions is key. Last year only 7 backs had more receptions than Portis, 3 of which will see a diminished role this year and another being Reggie Bush who is clearly not in the same tier as the top backs. Portis was also 4th in rushing touchdowns last year while having the most carries in the league. Getting Brady or Moss seems more conventional, but Portis is a guy I really wanted this year.

Winks Thoughts

Best Pick: LaDanian Tomlinson (1) I dont know why we fool ourselves in these things. Tomlinson goes number one in every draft, when the guy picking first has his choice of any one in the league. Clearly, he's the best player in the draft, so clearly, he's the best pick. Right? Or is that not exciting enough?

Worst Pick: Ryan Grant (7) Surprisingly or not, I'm down on Ryan Grant this year. I think he'll be a good back for Green Bay, but I think you're going to be seeing a lot more of Brandon Jackson this year than you might expect. But the owner that took him is one of the biggest Packers homers around, so this wasn't too big of a shock. Also not a shock? Said owner didn't last past round 9 (we finally introduced a keg to our draft this year, but still).

Why did you take: Joseph Addai (4) I gotta admit, this was the guy I wanted all along. When Westbrook went two, there was a very real chance the owner at three was going to take Steven Jackson, due to it being a reception league. If Peterson would have fallen to me, this might have been the only draft in America where he fell to the 5th pick. I was set on Addai, no matter what.


Team 12: Terrell Owens
Team 11: Willis McGahee
Team 10: Marshawn Lynch
Team 9: Reggie Wayne
Team 8: Braylon Edwards
Team 7: Larry Fitzgerald
BEAR: Andre Johnson
Team 5: Peyton Manning
WINKS: Jamal Lewis
Team 3: Marques Colston
Team 2: Tony Romo
Team 1: T.J. Houshmanzadeh

Bear's Thoughts

Best Pick: Marshawn Lynch(15) Just a stud. I actually contemplated taking him where I got Portis. Lynch is a game changer, the focal point of the Bills offense and word on the street is the Bills are going to look to him more in the passing game this year.

Worst Pick: Willis McGahee(14) He came in to camp out of shape and overweight. His over confidence is also part of the problem, remember he called himself the best back in the league a couple years ago, which would be fine but apparently he is satisfied being a good back rather than a great one. It looks like Flacco is starting which means teams will stack the box on him as well.

Why did you take: Andre Johnson(19) With a bunch of top WR going and several next-tier backs still available I went with Andre Johnson. I felt he was the last real 2 tier WR left. When healthy last year he was an absolute stud, top 3 WR infact. He's a consistant target and has big play ability. A no brainer in my mind really.

Winks Thoughts

Best Pick: Peyton Manning. Quarterbacks should probably be going higher than they did in this draft, considering we give out six points for touchdowns. They are arguably the most important position in this league, yet everyone shuns them or likes to wait on them (Bear). But getting I like Peyton here, and would have taken him had he fallen one more pick to me.

Worst Pick: Willis McGahee. I agree with Bear on this one. McGahee is a fine 2nd round pick, I would have just rather had Lynch here, or one of the receivers.

Why did you take: Jamal Lewis. I got some flack for this, basically because he's not a sexy pick. To that I say, that's stupid. Lewis was a proven stud last year, and he single handedly saved my season in a league last season. He's a proven workhorse, and he's in a single back system. I'm more than happy to have Lewis as my number two back.


Team 1: Drew Brees
Team 2: Torry Holt
Team 3: Plaxico Burress
WINKS: Brandon Marshall
Team 5: Steve Smith (CAR)
BEAR: Brandon Jacobs
Team 7: Laurence Maroney
Team 8: Maurice Jones-Drew
Team 9: Greg Jennings
Team 10: Reggie Bush
Team 11: Chad Ocho Cinco
Team 12: Willie Parker

Bear's Thoughts

Best Pick: Brandon Jacobs(30) Getting a consensus 2nd round back in the middle of the 3rd round of a 12 team league is pretty stellar in mind. Jacobs was a beast in the 11 games he played in. He eclipsed 100 yards 5 times and scored in 5 games.

Worst Pick: Greg Jennings(33) Seriously, just not a well thought out pick. Greg Jennings really hinges on how well Rodgers plays. I feel Jennings could have a good year this year, but Team 9 could have bolstered his RB situation with Parker, McFadden, Turner or Bush(remember PPR) or went with Ocho Cinco, Boldin, or Roy Williams. At a point where best available is key, Jennings wasn't a smart pick, and would most likely be available coming back.

Why did you take: Brandon Jacobs(30) For many of the same reason as listed above in my Best Pick portion. I'm still looking at best available at this point. Jacobs was far and away the best available on my board at the time.

Winks Thoughts

Best Pick: Laurence Maroney. I gotta say, I really think the Patriots are going to run the heck out of the ball this season. Everyone will be playing pass, and the Patriots will take that opportunity to hammer the ball down their throats. Bear likes Jacobs, but I never have, and never will. Just one of those things.

Worst Pick: Greg Jennings. It can be said that Driver was the better Packers receiver last year, but Jennings caught the touchdowns. I'm think both will do well with Rodgers this year, but might even prefer having Driver over Jennings. Another homer pick, if you ask me.

Why did you take: Brandon Marshall. For me, it was between Marshall and Steve Smith. Both are going to have huge years, both took hits to their value because of their respective suspensions. I couldn't decide on who to take, so I went with the guy who had one week less on his suspension. I would have been fine with either.


Team 12: Anquan Boldin
Team 11: Michael Turner
Team 10: Jason Witten
Team 9: Earnest Graham
Team 8: Santonio Holmes
Team 7: Antonio Gates
BEAR: Darren McFadden
Team 5: Thomas Jones
WINKS: Carson Palmer
Team 3: Kellen Winslow
Team 2: Roy Williams
Team 1: Edgerrin James

Bear's Thoughts

Best Pick: Thomas Jones(44) Its gotta be nice to get a number two caliber back like Thomas Jones with the 8th pick in the 4th round. Just a touch behind Brandon Jacobs he will provide a consistent bounty of fantasy points. The addition of Brett Favre and the gelling of that young athletic offensive line only adds to the allure.

Worst Pick: Jason Witten(39) While not a bad pick at all, getting a TE early in the 4th round seems a bit too early this year. 5 or 6 TE's seem to be about the same tier this year which means waiting until the string went would have been the move I would had made(and I did). Plus there are plenty of upcomers who could be solid at TE, making getting a top TE not as much of a necessity.

Why did you take: Darren McFadden(43) Again, I'm still looking at best available here to a point, even if it means getting a 3rd back. It's insurance and trade bait. With the top 4 QB's off the board getting a QB isn't a priority and waiting until round 9, 10 or 11 is fine with me. I won't force a position that after the top guys, really bunches up in terms of points per game. Figuring I could get one of Roy Williams, Calvin Johnson, or Wes Welker(my next tier WR's) I decided to go best available. Going with Jones would been the safe choice, but having Jacobs and Portis, I decided to go for the home run possibility in Darren McFadden (hey it worked for me last year with AP).

Winks Thoughts

Best Pick: I'll go with Thomas Jones here on this one too, I think he's a pretty underrated back.

Worst Pick: Earnest Graham. The Buccaneers are garbage this year, mark it down. I've read reports that say Garcia's arm is toast, and that means the Bucs are going to be run heavy. Problem is, unlike the Patriots, they won't be able to fall back on their passing game. That means teams will stack the box against Graham, and shut him down. Plus, Cadillac Williams will be back eventually to steal carries.

Why did you take: Carson Palmer. I always end up with crummy quarterbacks in this year, and I didn't want that to be the case this year. Palmer should have a nice bounce back year for a team looking to rebound themselves.


Team 1: Tony Gonzalez
Team 2: LenDale White
Team 3: Ben Roethlisberger
WINKS: Wes Welker
Team 5: Calvin Johnson
BEAR: Dallas Clark
Team 7: Jericho Cotchery
Team 8: Selvin Young
Team 9: Chris Cooley
Team 10: Hines Ward
Team 11: Marc Bulger
Team 12: Ronnie Brown

Bear's Thoughts

Best Pick: Wes Welker(52) The man is a reception machine and has developed alot of trust with Tom Brady. I don't expect the kind of year he had last year to be repeated but there is no reason to think he'll catch less than 80-90 balls this year.

Worst Pick: Marc Bulger(59) The LenDale White owner lucks out here. Bulger in the 5th round is just not a worthy pick. I expect him to do well this year, but consider him a player who is likely to have maybe 2 points per game more than a guy like Jason Campbell who was taken in the 12th round. It's all about value, and Bulger doesn't have 5th round value.

Why did you take: Dallas Clark(54) Unfortunately I couldn't get one of the WR's that I figured would be there. Being 3 deep at RB and ignoring similar QB's, I decided I could get a guy who would likely be gone by the time my spot in the 6th came around. Dallas Clark was a big time TD target last year, and with Harrison aging I expect to see similar results this year.

Winks Thoughts:

Best Pick / Why did you take: Wes Welker. If Bear can give me props on this one, I guess I will too. Sure, the Patriots could be a running team, or I could be completely wrong about that. Either way, you can't pass up Welker here.

Worst Pick: Marc Bulger. A pretty bad pick, but not as bad as the keeper league I'm in where someone took Brett Favre in the 5th round.


Team 12: Donald Driver
Team 11: Kevin Smith
Team 10: Marvin Harrison
Team 9: Donovan McNabb
Team 8: Matt Hasselbeck
Team 7: Brett Favre
BEAR: Roddy White
Team 5: Jeremy Shockey
WINKS: Lee Evans
Team 3: Fred Taylor
Team 2: Santana Moss
Team 1: Dwayne Bowe

Bear's Thoughts

Best Pick: Donald Driver(61) I feel he is the overall better WR to own of the Packers offense. He is a guy that regardless of who is QB should be a big contributor in receptions due to his smart and crisp route running.

Worst Pick: Brett Favre(66) Just zero reason to take him in the 6th round. I wouldn't be too worried with anyone else grabbing him and it seemed as if Team 7 was really just going to fill the QB position with getting another player in terms of value.

Why did you take: Roddy White(67) White sits on a similar tier in my mind with Bowe, Santana Moss, and Evans. However even with the inconsistency and garbage that was taking place at QB he had 83 receptions and 1200 yards. He was also my best available, so why not grab him.

Winks Thoughts

Best Pick: Marvin Harrison. He's healthy, he's good, he doesn't have a gun in his hands anymore. Sleeeeeeepeeerr....

Worst Pick: Brett Favre. For anyone expecting the 2007 version of Number Four, you better be prepared to meet the 2005 version (nearly 30 interceptions) pretty darn quick.

Why did you take: Lee Evans. You know, after I told some other friends about this team, and even with talking to others in the draft about my team, they all had the same reaction: Man, I don't like Lee Evans as a fantasy receiver. Well, guess what, neither do I. But he was the best available, and he's my number three guy (remember, we start only two), so I don't see how you can complain about this pick.


Team 1: Julius Jones
Team 2: Jonathan Stewart
Team 3: DeAngelo Williams
WINKS: Derek Anderson
Team 5: Matt Forte
BEAR: Laveraneus Coles
Team 7: Javon Walker
Team 8: Heath Miller
Team 9: Deuce McAllister
Team 10: Rudi Johnson
Team 11: Todd Heap
Team 12: Jay Cutler

Bear's Thoughts

Best Pick: Derek Anderson(76) Although I disagree with Winks grabbing a second QB, he is getting a great value here. Considering the other QB's that went before him people are scared off by his newly found high status. They shouldn't be though, with Winslow, Edwards and Lewis around him he has all the weapons to repeat success. Just not the pick I would have made with Palmer as my QB already.

Worst Pick: Javon Walker(79) Another head scratcher. With Burleson and Galloway left why take such a question mark? He has had quite a timultious time since his first season with the Broncos. Just too many variables in the Oakland offense to warrent a risk in the 7th round.

Why did you take: Laveraneus Coles(78) I wanted to grab a 3rd WR so it came down to Galloway, Coles and Burleson to me. In the end the potential that Coles has if he syncs up with Favre could be very Jennings like. He has excellent speed and has been a receptions machine when healthy the last few years with Pennington at the helm.

Winks Thoughts

Best Pick / Why did you take: This is what Bear wrote about his McFadden pick just a few rounds ago: Again, I'm still looking at best available here to a point, even if it means getting a 3rd back. Well, that's what I was doing here, only I was going after a second quarterback. I got criticized for this pick, but come on people, it's Derek Anderson in the 7th round! I hated every receiver on the board at that point, and I wasn't about to draft Matt Forte. So I went for depth, and trade bait, similar to what Bear said about Run DMC.

Last year I had Kitna/Leinart, this year I have Palmer/Anderson. I'm pretty happy about this.

Worst Pick: Javon Walker. I'm not as down on Javon Walker as Bear is, but still a bad pick here.


Team 12: Ricky Williams
Team 11: Joey Galloway
Team 10: Bernard Berrian
Team 9: Anthony Gonzalez
Team 8: Chris Chambers
Team 7: Steve Slaton
BEAR: Chris Johnson
Team 5: Nate Burleson
WINKS: Ahman Green
Team 3: Felix Jones
Team 2: Vernon Davis
Team 1: Donte Stallworth

Bear's Thoughts

Best Pick: Joey Galloway(86) Its not often you can get true consistancy in round 8. Joey Galloway equals that. Every year he makes a solid number 2 or 3 WR. Pencil him in for another one.

Worst Pick: Donte Stallworth(96) Always a homerun threat seems like kind of a question at this point. The Browns already have Edwards and Jurevicious reprizing their roles while Winslow and Lewis should grab the other touches to go around. Plus Anderson may struggle so there are quite a few questions surrounding Stallworth.

Why did you take: Chris Johnson(91) Getting a guy with Johnson's type potential is a steal at 91. I was pretty much forced to take him as my 4th back, even if I haven't yet gotten a QB. Again several similar QB's are left and being a 12 team league and getting a likely starter as a 4th back is smart drafting.

Winks Thoughts

Best Pick: Ricky Williams / Chris Johnson. I like both these picks, especially the intruiging Ricky Williams one. I think he's got a big year ahead of him, and is good value in this round.

Worst Pick: Donte Stallworth. He'll have three good weeks this season, all consecutive. Then he'll be cut by fantasy owners everywhere just a few weeks later. Happens every year.

Why did you take Ahman Green? I honestly can't answer that question for you.


Team 1: Minnesota Defense
Team 2: Jerious Norwood
Team 3: Tony Scheffler
WINKS: Chris Perry
Team 5: San Diego Defense
BEAR: David Garrard
Team 7: Jake Delhomme
Team 8: Chris Brown
Team 9: Derrick Mason
Team 10: Rashard Mendenhall
Team 11: Green Bay Defense
Team 12: Justin Fargas

Bear's Thoughts

Best Pick: Chris Perry(100) Looks good now, as Rudi Johnson was sent packing and signed with the Lions. Even before that move Perry makes for a great value pick. If he can do a few of the things that Johnson did a few years back he should be a top 25 back for sure.

Worst Pick: Chris Brown(104) Well he was recently as far as 3rd on the depth chart behind Slaton and Green. He also had been part of swirling rumors of his release at the time of his draft. Now he is on IR, I could think of about 10 other back I would rather have, including Brandon Jackson.

Why did you take: David Garrard(102) Finally, I got my QB, and to be honest, it was a guy I have been targeting in a few of my drafts. I like what he brings and feel he should be a top 10 QB when all is said and done this year. Excellent value at 102.

Winks Thoughts

Best Pick / Why did you take: Can't argue with my Chris Perry pick, although it looks a lot better after Rudi Johnson was cut.

Worst Pick: Minnesota defense. I don't know why people get so eager to take defenses so quickly. There couldn't be a bigger crapshoot. I waited until the last three rounds to start even thinking about D's and Kickers. I picked Tampa Bay's D later on, I bet there is a ten point difference at the end of the year between them and the Vikings.


Team 12: Chicago Defense
Team 11: Eli Manning
Team 10: Patrick Crayton
Team 9: Chester Taylor
Team 8: New England Defense
Team 7: Reggie Brown
BEAR: Ted Ginn Jr.
Team 5: Aaron Rodgers
WINKS: Owen Daniels
Team 3: Seattle Defense
Team 2: Ahmad Bradshaw
Team 1: Donald Lee

Bear's Thoughts

Best Pick: Patrick Crayton(111) He is worth a 3rd WR and you are getting him in 4th and 5th WR territory. Screens great value.

Worst Pick: Seattle Defense(118) I could have gone with a slew of defenses but Seattles is the worst. I never understand barring a 1 or 2 defenses why anyone would take a defense in a round higher than the 12th. They vary big time from year to year and there is always an undrafted defense that ends up in the top 10. If you don't have your fourth WR/RB or a TE, and two QB's yet what is the point of getting a defense. Just pass and you won't regret it.

Why did you take: Ted Ginn Jr.(115) He is another guy I've been targeting in drafts as my 4th WR. I love his upside and the fact he is the only real WR threat on the Dolphins. Word around preseason was that this guy was just simply catching everything. Love this value and feel he could press for number 2 WR status this year.

Winks Thoughts

Best Pick: Ted Ginn Jr. Big things coming. Aaron Rodgers is a pretty solid pick here too.

Worst Pick: Seattles defense sounds good. Bear wrote more on Seattle's defense than you ever should, so you can re-read his again if you're still dying for insight.

Why did you take: Owen Daniels. I also waited on tight ends this year, and I can't be too upset about the former Badger. I'm going to let Bear take it the rest of the way here, as my draft gets pretty boring from here on out (besides me taking Kevin Curtis, who I didn't know was injured). Plus, there's only so much analysis you can stomach about kickers and defenses.


Team 1: Matt Schaub
Team 2: Jon Kitna
Team 3: DeSean Jackson
WINKS: Kevin Curtis
Team 5: Ray Rice
BEAR: Indianapolis Defense
Team 7: Kenny Watson
Team 8: Philip Rivers
Team 9: Dallas Defense
Team 10: Alge Crumpler
Team 11: Greg Olsen
Team 12: Benjamin Watson

Bear's Thoughts

Best Pick: Matt Schaub(121) Another QB I love this year, had he not been taken I would have gone back to the QB's and gotten him as my starter/backup when matchups applied.

Worst Pick: Indianapolis Defense(126) I should take my own advice. Truth is I panicked when Schaub was taken and didn't have a backup in mind. I was pretty sure I was going to get him. So when he became unavailable I soured on getting a backup QB just yet. Thus I took Indianapolis' defense which among projected defenses was upper echelon. Definately disappointed in my pick here.

Why did you take: Indianapolis' Defense(126) See Above.


Team 12: Jason Campbell
Team 11: Pierre Thomas
Team 10: Pittsburgh Defense
Team 9: Vincent Jackson
Team 8: Bryant Johnson
Team 7: New York Giants Defense
BEAR: Vince Young
Team 5: Zach Miller
WINKS: Dominick Rhodes
Team 3: Reggie Williams
Team 2: Jerry Porter
Team 1: Sidney Rice

Bear's Thoughts

Best Pick: Sidney Rice(144) A lot of great 4th WR's taken here but Sidney Rice is the best of them in my opinion, at least in terms of ceiling. Rice could become a monster if the Vikings get even marginal play from their QB.

Worst Pick: Dominick Rhodes(141) If you are going to grab a handcuff why not make it a guy would pick up more carries if Addai went down in Mike Hart. Even with the Cutting of Kenton Keith, I feel Hart ends up this year backing up Addai. Thank god no one took kickers yet.

Why did you take: Vince Young(112) Yikes, I didn't envision Young to be my backup at QB, but when it came to it, he was the only QB left that I could justify for the position. He still oozes talent and if he learned to throw more check downs in lieu of throwing bad mid field and down field passes he we definitely be a top 20 QB. I also like his rushing ability.

ROUND 13-16

Team 1: Leon Washington
Team 2: Jacksonville Defense
Team 3: Kurt Warner
WINKS: Kevin Boss
Team 5: Robert Meachem
BEAR: Ronald Curry
Team 7: Baltimore Defense
Team 8: Nick Folk
Team 9: J.T. O'Sullivan
Team 10: Philadelphia Defense
Team 11: Devin Hester
Team 12: Mason Crosby

Team 12: L.J. Smith
Team 11: Stephen Gostkowski
Team 10: James Hardy
Team 9: Mercedes Lewis
Team 8: Isaac Bruce
Team 7: Shayne Graham
BEAR: Tennessee Defense
Team 5: Phil Dawson
WINKS: Tampa Bay Defense
Team 3: Robbie Gould
Team 2: Adam Vinatieri
Team 1: Washington Defense

Team 1: Ryan Longwell
Team 2: Miami Defense
Team 3: Arizona Defense
WINKS: New York Jets Defense
Team 5: Houston Defense
BEAR: Rob Bironas
Team 7: Ben Utecht
Team 8: Carolina Defense
Team 9: Nate Kaeding
Team 10: Josh Brown
Team 11: Oakland Defense
Team 12: Kansas City Defense

Team 12: Neil Rackers
Team 11: Andre Hall
Team 10: Trent Edwards
Team 9: St. Louis Defense
Team 8: Desmond Clark
Team 7: Lawrence Tynes
BEAR: Dustin Keller
Team 5: Josh Scobee
WINKS: Kris Brown
Team 3: Jeff Reed
Team 2: Randy McMichael
Team 1: Shaun Suisham

Bear's Thoughts on the rest

Best Pick: Andre Hall(182) I love this pick. He could be a great steal considering how much the Broncos love playing musical chairs at the RB position.

Worst Pick: There isn't one.

Why did you take: Ronald Curry(151), Tennessee Defense(163), Rob Bironas(174), Dustin Keller(187) I like Curry's potential as a 5th WR, Titans defense was tough last year and they were a different bye week than Indy, Rob Birons was the "best" kicker available and Dustin Keller is a guy I think should have a good year as a TE, with Tony Scheffler type numbers.

Winks Final Thoughts

So there you have it, thanks for taking the time to skim this article, we really do appreciate it. If you did read the entire thing, thank your boss for giving you a job where you don't have to work during the day.

As for the story behind the "Code Red Challenge" name, it's really not that interesting. If you don't know, I'm one of those guys that likes to go to extremes, ala the Billy Joel hit song. I go all or nothing, in nearly everything I do. When Mountain Dew introduced their new Code Red soda, not only did I like it, but I made sure to tell everyone I liked it.

I bought Code Red t-shirts off eBay. I stole banners from Taco Bell and hung them in my college dorm room. I even got a Code Red tattoo. Ok, not quite, but I was close. Ok, I wasn't close at all, Im lying. But you get my point.

So when the time came to name our league, I went with "Code Red Challenge". It's pretty stupid, and my love for the soft drink has subsided, but the name will never be changed. I used to give out a 12 pack of Code Red to the winner of the consolation bracket, but that did eventually go by the wayside.

So that's the "story". Good luck to you and yours in your fanatsy football endeavors.


Anonymous said...

Ha, winks, I knew you would call me out for the McFadden/Anderson situation.
Still I would rather have a quality 3rd back or 3rd Reciever over a quality backup QB, thats really what I was trying to say.

P.S. if it wasn't evident, I didn't really proofread

Anonymous said...

I think taking a good in the 9th round is a great choice.... they had as many points as many backups... they made a difference for me last year

Winks said...

It'll probably work out for you po, I'm just not a guy that condones drafting defenses early. Even though 9th round isn't that early, I guess.

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