Friday, September 19, 2008

Winks Thinks: NFL Picks Week 3

After the terror that was my week one picks, in which it appeared that I knew absolutely nothing about football, I rebounded some with my week two selections. But this season has still thrown me some curveballs, as I decide whether to pick with my heart, or my brain. For this week, let's no with neither, and make the picks with no regard for anything.

P.S. You probably shouldn't use this picks to wager in anyway, whatsoever.

1 point - Cleveland over Baltimore

Baltimore is coming off an unexpected bye week, Cleveland is coming off under performing for two straight weeks. With big things expected from the Browns this season, I can't forsee the Browns starting 0-3. However, I have zero confidence in this fact, so I've only given one point to the new Browns over the old Browns.

2 points - Arizona over Washington

On the same token, can Arizona really start 3-0? I'm picking them because I think they can, and because I'm quite pissed at the Redskins right now. After playing awful in week one against the Giants, the Redskins ruined my 15 point prediction by beating the Saints last week. So, I'm not picking them out of spite.

3 points - Green Bay over Dallas

I honestly think the Packers are going to win this one. It's in Lambeau, under the lights, and the Packers are playing well. The Dallas defense did not look good last week, and I think there are plenty of ways the Packers can exploit that. All Aaron Rodgers needs to do is continue to play the way he's been playing, and the Packers will regain their thrown as NFC favorites.

4 points - Pittsburgh over Philadelphia

All signs point to an Eagles victory this week, so I'm taking the Steelers. Again, don't use these for betting purposes.

5 points - Detroit over San Francisco

We're a Jon Kitna implosion away from the Packers and Lions both being 1-1 right now, remember that. So there is some talent there. That, and San Francisco is an absolute train wreck.

6 points - Chicago over Tampa Bay

I really thought the Bears were going to beat the Panthers last week, and so did the Bears. At least until the 4th quarter, when they decided to give the game away. Tampa Bay has been playing well, but I still don't have much faith in that team. I say Bears by a field goal.

7 points - Minnesota over Carolina

I'm inexplicably high on the NFC North this week. But then again, I've always been inexplicably high on Gus Frerrote.

8 points - Seattle over St. Louis

Seattle should probably be rated higher this week, but that is a team extremely burdened by injures. Still, they are playing the Rams, who have looked nothing short of awful this season. So let's give this one to Seattle.

9 points - Denver over New Orleans

The Broncos are the darlings of the league right now after their improbable victory over the Chargers last week. By the way, I feel bad for Ed Hochuli as much as the next guy, but let's try to move on from his bad call last week, can we? Every day this week there has been a new headline about how bad Hochs feels about his mistake. On Wednesday it was "Hochuli apologizes for blown call". Thursday it was "Hochuli apologizes to Chargers fans". Today, it's "Hochuli feels devastated". I mean, aren't those all the same story. Let's let bygones be bygones and focus on the real issue here: The over-inflation of Denver and Jay Cutler's value because they benefited from a bad call then went for two on national television".

10 points - Atlanta over Kansas City

I can't believe that I gave 10 points to Atlanta either, but that's how bad I think Kansas City is. Tyler Thigpen vs. Matt Ryan. Are tickets still available?

11 points - Indianapolis over Jacksonville

Jacksonville has been one of the bigger disappointments this season, starting 0-2 after projected to contend for the AFC South. Some people predicted them to take the division crown, even storming ahead of the Colts. I don't see that happening, and I don't see the Colts losing this week. They seem to have finally found their focus in the second half of their game against Minnesota last week, a game in which they had absolutely no business winning. But they did, and I see them taking the victory here.

12 points - San Diego over New York Jets

I know Favre has normally been good on Monday Nights, but I didn't have a dream that he would be injured in this week's game for no reason. And yes, I actually did have that dream. But I've been having weird dreams lately in general. Anyway, this Chargers team is too good start 0-3.

13 points - Tennessee over Houston

Someone tell me again why I drafted Ahman Green for my fantasy team. I still haven't figured that one out.

14 points - New England over Miami

On the other hand, I feel pretty good about my Wes Welker pick, as he has become the security blanket for Matt Cassell. I don't think Cassell will turn out to be that bad of a quarterback, and he could probably start for a good chunk of the other teams in this league. But the Patriots aren't going to be anywhere close to where they were last year when they blew out teams by 40 some points. They will, however, continue to find ways to win. After all, these are the Patriots we're talking about.

15 points - New York Giants over Cincinnati Bengals

One more fantasy note. Carson Palmer is single-handedly killing my season. As much as I've tried to pretend the Bengals can turn it around, they can't. They are terrible. So you gotta go with the defending Super Bowl champions on this one.

16 points - Buffalo over Oakland

For some reason, I'm inexplicably on the Bills bandwagon this year.


Winks said...

For the record, this post finally ended one Brewers streak. I had ten straight posts about the Crew on here up until this point.


Anonymous said...

awful picks... stick to baseball

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