Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Think The Dream Is Over

That one hurt.

I don't know where you go from here, really. We've had some ups and downs this season. We had the terror that was the Boston series, followed by the the post-All Star break dominance. We lost Yovani Gallardo, but we gained the best mid-season acquisition ever in CC Sabathia. We contended for the NL Central and the Wild Card for most of the season, but now we find ourselves 1 1/2 games back with 9 games to play, and things don't look good.

We all saw the scene today. 9th inning. Wrigley Field. The Brewers with a 6-2 lead, looking to win another series on the Cubs' home turf this year. But then Geovany Soto cracked a three run homer, and the 2008 Brewers season was officially over.

Alright, there are still 9 games left, that is true. But I just don't feel like this team is capable of doing it anymore. We've already blew the giant lead in the Wild Card. The Cubs are uncatchable, and will probably represent the NL in the World Series. The Phillies are playing great baseball, and the Mets are determined not to miss the playoffs after what happened to them last year. Meanwhile, the Brewers are struggling with confidence and direction, no matter what Dale Sveum might bring to the table.

Don't get me wrong, Sveum's done a decent job so far re-energizing this team. But numbers tell the story, and the Crew is 1-2 under his watch. On a side note, he seems to be just as formulaic as Ned, if not more so. He's gone with the same lineup for the past three days. He uses the same relievers in the same innings (Coffey 6th, Gagne 7th, Mota 8th, Torres 9th), and he pinch hits with the same guys (Nelson, Lamb). It's all fine and dandy, but again they are 1-2.

Thing is, I don't know what can be done to fix this team anymore. It's become difficult for us to watch, difficult for me to write about, difficult for you to read about. It's almost as if we're better off just having this season end and thinking about next year. That is, until you remember we'll probably lose CC and the injury bug that is Ben Sheets, and who knows who will make up that staff next year.

I'm sorry guys, but today's loss was just too much stomach, and I don't think we're going to break our 26 year playoff drought.

But here's to hoping the Brewers can do enough in the next 9 days to prove me wrong.

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: Ray Durham


Anonymous said...

The Crew probably needs 7 or 8 of the remaining 9 to get in or force a tie. The good news is they play the Reds and Pirates who are out of it. Then the Cubs who will take it easy on us because they will be setting up the rotation for the playoffs and should not pitch Zambrano, Harden, or Dempster. I'm still not giving up yet but maybe I'm crazy.

Anonymous said...

aren't you in chicago? you're still blogging? damn, bart. you write fast, and actually really well.

Tony Brown said...

What do you think about putting McClung in for the 10th and 11th? I thought he was supposed to be a starter now. Ballsy move by Sveum.
Almost paid off.

Anonymous said...

2nd and 3rd no outs and you let d-bags little Craig and KendULL hit why with the wind blowing in. I knew that they would never get it out of the infield. That was a ned move that i thought would never happen again i guess i was wrong.

rory said...


Miss you sir.

Now excuse me while I look for the proverbial fork.

At least the Pack (a real sport, by the bye) looks good.

Bring on Romosexual Sandwich!

Winks said...

I like the move putting McClung in TB. Sveum has said he's managing like it's the playoffs, and he's just trying to get as many wins as possible.

I'd like to see him get a shot next year.

Also, I've read about a Cain for Fiedler/Hardy rumor, but won't make that it's own post. I don't like it. I think we can get more.

Jonk said...

You'd like who to get a shot next year? Sveum? No way.

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