Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Commence the Dale Sveum Era

Our friend Ned Yost is no longer with us, but I'd rather remember all the good times of these last few years, rather than the bad. Like how he led us to our first winning season since 1992. And how he... um.... did other... stuff..... good.

Oh boy, this is tougher than I thought. Couple of links for you quick though. Ned Yost apparently never saw it coming, and had no chance to save his job.

Here's a transcript from the Mark Attanasio / Doug Melvin press conference, in case you missed it. The big news there is that Robin Yount is the new bench coach. Taking over duties at third will be Garth Lorg, formerly of the Toronto Blue Jays.

So the Yost Era is officially over, and the Dale Sveum era begins. It's weird, Sveum has always been sort of a running joke in my family, because when he played for the Brewers, my mom thought he was a major hottie. We had Dale Sveum baseball cards plastered all over the fridge, and at one point I honestly thought my mom was seeing him (I was young, give me a break).

I'm interested tonight in a few things. I'm really looking forward to what kind of lineup Sveum will go with tonight. On one hand, I could see it being the exact same formula Ned shuffled out, but on the other hand I could see some wild changes. Maybe less Weeks, a new leadoff hitter, perhaps one of the call-ups getting the start? I'll post that once it's announced later today.

I'm also interested to see how the team responds. I don't think Yost getting fired is going to make the Brewers suddenly score ten runs tonight, but I think they need a big inning early if they are going to have any chance.

Plus, and this is the most wild theory of them all, but maybe our rivals to the south take it easy on us this series. I mean, they have already basically wrapped up the Central, and we did just give them an extra two "home" games and a no-hitter. Show us some love, Cubs fans!

In all seriousness, this entire roller coaster season comes down to just 12 games. And these 12 games will greatly impact the decisions that are made for next season. So hang on to your hats, Brewers fans, it's going to be some kind of ride.

And is that a Dale Sveum card on my fridge?


Jonk said...

"less Weeks"? I hope not. Sitting Rickie during both games of the doubleheader is one of Yost's final blunders.

Weeks went 3-for-7 in the first two games of the series, with two doubles and two walks, but then he doesn't even get an at-bat in either of the next two losses.

We can't expect Rickie to catch fire and start producing if, when he shows signs of maybe actually doing so, he finds himself on the bench in each of the two most important games of the season to date.

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