Friday, September 12, 2008

Winks Thinks: NFL Picks Week 2

Okay, so I never got to my NFL season predictions. But that's probably a good thing. It seems I don't have a pulse on this season at all, judging by how poorly my picks did in Week 1. Seriously, look at those if you have the chance. Just abysmal.

My problem with last week is I was picking with my heart, and what I would like to see happen. Obviously, I'm last in my pick 'em league right now, so if I'm going to climb up the ladder here, I need to pick with my brain. So let's do this, the week two picks.

1 point - Chicago over Carolina

I learned last week that I have no idea how to really use my strategery when doing these picks. I think Chicago is a better team than we thought they were, but so is Carolina. I'm sticking to my theory of not picking Carolina until Steve Smith comes back, even though they showed last week they can win without him.

2 points - Cincinnati over Tennessee

I'll admit, I'm going with my heart on this one. I can't root against my fantasy QB in Carson Palmer, but I'm not very confident the Bengals get back on track.

3 points - Kansas City over Oakland

I thought Oakland was going to be decent this year, but after last week's clunker of a performance, I have to change my mind. Still not sure how good KC is, but because they are at home, and almost beat New England last week, I'll go with them here.

4 points - Seattle over San Francisco

There are only about five teams I would have picked Seattle over this week, and San Francisco is one of them. Either way, both of these teams are done, already.

5 points - Buffalo over Jacksonville

I'm not so good at this going with my brain stuff, as this is a definite pick from the heart. I'm riding shotgun on the Buffalo bandwagon right now, so bear with me.

6 points - New England over New York Jets

Two months ago, this would have been a 49-10 Patriots blowout. But with Favre looking half-way successful, and New England losing Brady, this might actually be a close contest. I still think the Pats are fine without Brady, only because that is a really strong team they had built around him. I don't want to take anything away from last year's MVP, but New England without Brady is still better than the Jets with Favre.

7 points - Tampa Bay over Atlanta

Atlanta might be a pretty good team, although they did rack up all those yards against the Lions. I say they lose this week, but contend for a wild card spot for a good portion of the season.

8 points - Baltimore over Houston

This one won't be played until Monday night now, but I don't really think that will change the outcome of the game. Houston looked awful last week, whereas Baltimore played quite well. Expect recent trends to continue here.

9 points - Indianapolis over Minnesota

The Packers didn't play extremely well last week, and they still beat Minnesota. I don't think the Vikings problems are just at quarterback, either. They've been overrated in the preseason for like the last five years now. Indy will rebound big this week.

10 points - Pittsburgh over Cleveland

A small part of me think that Cleveland played so bad last week, they'll be this week's shocker. But the rest of me realizes that Pittsburgh is probably the best team in the AFC right now.

11 points - San Diego over Denver

Eleven points might be too high for this one, but I just don't see the Chargers starting the season 0-2. Especially after losing last week's game in the final seconds.

12 points - Arizona over Miami

Remember a few years ago when the Cardinals and 49ers started 2-0, and everyone was talking about how good Arizona was? Expect the same kind of unrequited hope this season.

13 points - Dallas over Philadelphia

Who says ESPN doesn't ever get good games on Monday night? This is the best game of the week. I say Dallas prevails though, because they were able to beat the Browns last week with one eye closed, and because I think Philly is a bit overrated this year.

14 points - New York Giants over St. Louis

Most people are probably giving the Giants all 16 points this week, but to me, this seems like it could be one of those games the Giants overlook on the schedule. I still don't think the Rams are as bad as they played last week, but they'll probably get dominated by the Giants once all is said and done.

15 points - New Orleans over Washington

Is it just me, or is the NFC the better conference this season? I'm completely sold on the Saints this year, they look like the real thing. Meanwhile, the Redskins are terrible.

16 points - Green Bay over Detroit

Only fitting I end this week's selections with the biggest homer pick of them all. The Packers are only favored by a few points or so, but with my heart and my brain this is really the only game I'm comfortable laying down all 16 on. But of course, I probably just jinxed them. Don't be surprised if I pick next week's games out of a hat.


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