Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rattlers, Brewers, Announce Four Year Partnership

All I can say is, it's about time. The two greatest baseball institutions in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Brewers and the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, have announced a four year partnership between the two clubs today. The Rattlers will be the Low Class-A affiliate of the Crew, a spot previously held by the West Virginia Power. SportsBubbler, which has been tracking this story for weeks, has the full announcement, which includes this bite from Doug Melvin.

“We are eager and looking for this to be a long term relationship with the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers and are excited to have a minor league affiliate closer to home,” said Melvin. “The premier facilities and Brewers fan base in Appleton combined with the proximity to Milwaukee provides a great opportunity for us and it gives our players an excellent and competitive environment to further their development.”

One of the sites you need to immediately get yourself familiar with in response to this agreement is Rattler Radio. That's where we got the picture from this morning, and that's also where you can find some of the most in-depth Rattler news around. One interesting nugget from the site this morning is that Melvin said it's a good possibility you'll see Brewers do their rehab stints with the Rattlers, because of the proximity of the two clubs.

This is a win-win for baseball in Wisconsin, and for both clubs. The schedule for next season is out already, so plan your trips accordingly.


Ben said...

That's very cool!

Chris said...

Thank you for the plug. I'll try to keep it interesting during the off-season.

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