Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fred Slacks' Fantasy Stats: Aimless Ramblings of the Week

Every Sunday night (when I feel like it) I'll come out with my weekly rambles, most in the world of fantasy baseball but not necessarily all of it. Am I an expert???? You can be the judge, I really don't care. Follow my advice, or do the opposite I say or just stop by to see whats on my mind. Some people call me Mr. Fantasy Sports......OK well, I guess I'm the only that calls myself that but after 7 years and dozens and dozens of leagues...I think I got the hang of this. Questions and comments on this week will be addressed in the following week. On to the ramblings.

- First off, say what you want about G.W. Bush, booing him while throwing out the first pitch is classless. Opening Night is not the forum to express your displeasure, unless it's over the late 80's Rangers and/or because he traded a young Sammy Sosa away. Baseball people, Baseball.

- Rafael Furcal has looked great this spring. I say last year was an aberration and that this year he will look more like a 12-15 HR, 35 SB, .285 AVG guy. Trade for this guy now when he's still cheap.

- Juan Pierre will not be a Dodger by the end of the season.

- Staying with the Dodgers, Blue Jesus Matt Kemp is good but not 25-20 type good yet, I say he has more of a 20-15 type season.

- I hate Ryan Theriot..... Yet I find him on a couple of my teams, which means I expect him to produce big in the Runs category as well as being a legit 30 SB guy.

- Lastings Milledge is overrated. Has he produced at any level? The answer is no, over an extended period, not really.

- If Wily Mo Pena is available in your league, grab him now. 30 HR's are in his future. Scoff if you will, but the man has power, an everyday job, and the Nats no longer hit in the Great Abyss that was RFK stadium. He should be back in two weeks, DL stash him if you must.

- Jon Miller looks like he lost some weight... good for him, Tony Gwynn Sr. you're next big guy. Someone get Ozzie Smith and his veggies over to Gwynn's house.

- The Giants returning HR leader is catcher Bengie Molina. He hit 19. 19. Let that sink in. 19. Newcomer, Aaron Rowand hit 27 last year, but hes not doing that again. Needless to say runs are going to be scarce in San Fran, steer clear of their pitching if you are looking for Wins.

- Speaking of Giants, or former Giants that is, why is Pedro Feliz not being drafted in leagues. This guy will be hitting 6th or 7th in the Phillies lineup and is good for 25-30 HR's. His competition, or lack there of, at 3rd is Wes Helms and Greg Dobbs. Buy Feliz people.

- As I am writing this Jon Rauch comes in for the save, and not Chad Cordero. If he's still available, would be wise to scoop him up.

- Pujols will play in at least 140 games this year, still makes him first round worthy.

And a few Brewer rambles.

- Bill Hall will hit only 15 HR's but he will have 45 doubles and an average around .275 this year.

- Fielder, Braun, Hart, Hardy, even Cameron will eclipse the 20 HR mark for the Brewers. Weeks does not, he gets 19.

- Sheets pitches in 30+ games this year.

SUPER OUT ON A LIMB PICK FOR THE YEAR: Ichiro Suzuki hits under .300 this season. Bookmark it, write it down, print screen it; do what you want so you can come back and endlessly ridicule me when he hits .350. I just feel that this guy is gonna be under .300 one of these years, why not in his 8th season. He's 34, the post season a possibility pressure, I could just see him having a down year. Call me crazy, you wouldn't be the first.


Anonymous said...

you're crazy fred...ichiro will hit .300 in his sleep

Big Joe said...

I disagree about booing the President. Too bad if some people thought it was classless. Fans can cheer or boo whenever they want. They paid to be there, so that's that. It's not like fans got their politics-themed text messages displayed on the scoreboard or anything.

If George Bush wants nearly-unconditional cheers & applause, maybe he should stick to appearances at Ranger & Astros games.

Anonymous said...

it doesnt even matter if they boo him because booing is useless. it used to mean something when people booed, but now fans are so trigger happy with the boo birds that its lost all significance.

plus most fans are just mindless sheep anyways and will boo just because other people are, even if they have no idea whats going on. theyre just like people who dont know shit about politics but bash bush just because other people do.

the people that boo bush are the same people that dont know shit about basketball but feel compelled to tell me how much davidson over geogetown messed up their bracket. thanks, i really was dying to hear you repeat some espn analysts opinions on college basketball since youll be watching it for the next week. and sorry to hear about your bracket. no, really, i am sorry that you told me about your bracket you stupid ass. just because its march im supposed to care about how good you are at guessing shit?

formulate your own opinions before you a. boo something on any day other than halloween b. talk to me about your bracket or c. insert "your" political opinions on a comment on the bucky channel.

and actually, even if you have your own opinion on college basketball, i dont give a fuck about your bracket.

Anonymous said...

I did formulate my own opinion, idiot. It was a direct response to Bush gibberish on a Bucky Channel post. Maybe read the article next time. I formulated my own opinion kind of like how you formulated a desultory mix of generalizations.

For example:

"Most fans are just mindless sheep ..."


"The same people who boo Bush are the same people who don't know shit about basketball ..."


What are you doing up at 1:00am on a school night?

Anonymous said...

I need not prove anything to you, sheep.

Unknown said...

You two sound a little bitter about everything. Maybe you need to find a different way to vent than posting on Fred Slacks Fantasy Stats. This column is going to rock...also, we don't need haters talking about my boy George W.

War the Brew Crew taking down those losers today.

Anonymous said...

Yea lets keep the comments to talk about the brewers and sweet khaki pants logos.

Anonymous said...


Fred Slacks gave his opinion on booing the President, I countered with mine, & then that other guy mumbled something about something.

If I read about something on here then it's fair game to comment on it. If the blogger doesn't want political opinions on a sports blog, then they should keep the politics off the sports blog in the first place.

Anonymous said...


At least we can all agree on that.

Anonymous said...

jessie sounds like a liberal...good job screwing up an election that was suppose to be pretty much given to the democrats.

Anonymous said...

haha jesus i got all caps locks for trying to keep the comments sports related. sorry jessie FEEL FREE TO COMMENT ON WHATEVER YOU WANT.

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