Saturday, March 29, 2008

Royals 4, Brewers 1

Baseball's back in Milwaukee, as the Brewers returned back to Miller Park last night to take on the Kansas City Royals. The Royals were too much for the Crew, as they beat Milwaukee 4-1. Jeff Suppan took the loss for the Brewers pitching five innings and giving up three runs (you'll get that sort of game from Suppan everytime, no more, no less).

A couple of notes of interest for me in this game. First off, let's talk about the fans. Milwaukee is ready for baseball to begin, as they drew over 15,000 fans to a Friday night exhibition game. A game also being played at the same time as the Badgers contest against Davidson. I found that to be impressive.

Also, Ryan Braun had four at bats last night. Ryan Braun turned those four at bats into four hits. And batting after him, Bill Hall left Ryan Braun on base each and every time. What are we expecting out of Hall this year? It seems like expectations for him have been lowered, even though he's moved back to the infield where he's most comfortable. I always said last year that if the Brewers were going to win the Central, they'd need Bill Hall to lift himself to another level. He didn't do that, and they didn't win the Central. Now, I'm not saying the reason they didn't win a division title is because of Bill Hall, I just feel like he's the wildcard again this year in the whole Brewers playoff equation. You dig?

Also, it looks like we saw Ned's official lineup last night. Weeks, Cameron (when he's back), Fielder, Braun, Hall, Hart, Hardy, Suppan, Kendall. Yep, the pitcher in the 8th spot. Never when I first heard Ned might be considering that did I think it would become a truth.

One more exhibition game today against the Royals, and then onto Opening Day!

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TBC's Player of the Game: J.J. Hardy


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