Monday, March 24, 2008

How Low Can You Go?

Anyone know who the man in this picture is? Not Mo Williams, the other guy. The guy who was a late insertion into the starting lineup for Jason Williams. The guy who put up 24 points. The guy who led a few other fellow D-League alums to a 78-73 victory against the Milwaukee Bucks. I didn't know him either, but the Bucks know him now. The Bucks know Chris Quinn.

The Bucks can beat LeBron James and the Cavs but they can't beat Chris Quinn and the Heat? This is getting pathetic, if it hasn't already. And since when does a team only put up 73 against the Miami Heat?

Meanwhile, the search for a new GM has been quiet the last few days. The guys from The Bratwurst say former Sonics GM Rick Sund is the leading candidate (the benefactor of the Ray for Gary and Desmond deal). We still like Bill Simmons, but apparently the Bucks aren't interested.


Anonymous said...

bucks knew plenty about chris quinn from the game before tonight

cityleaguehoops said...

Here's some footage of Chris Quinn on youtube if YOU haven't heard of him.

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