Thursday, March 13, 2008

Marquette on to Big East Semis

Besides the Travis Diener / Dwayne Wade run, I don't think I've followed Marquette this closely since the days of Aaron Hutchins. I still wouldn't consider myself a Marquette "fan", I've always been partial to the the Badgers. But the way this team is playing, it's not hard to root for them (let's be honest, without this blog, I don't watch the Marquette / Notre Dame game tonight, that's just the way it is).

Nevertheless, they are continuing to represent the state well with their run in the Big East tournament. Tonight they were able to knock off the Irish 89-79 . They had another big performance out of Jerel McNeal, who had 28 points. Maurice Acker 11 had points, including two big threes in the final minutes to help put Marquette out in front for good.

Marquette will now face Pittsburgh, who they have already beat 72-54 earlier this year. The game is Friday night at 8pm, on ESPN (watch this for an hour, then flip over to the Brewer game on FSN).


Anonymous said...

this team is just fun to watch like them or not they have heart and they are diving for balls and shit. This is what makes march MADNESS.

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