Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Farewell, Claudio Vargas

Honestly can't say I saw this one coming. Claudio Vargas has been cut from the Milwaukee Brewers. In five Spring Training starts, Vargas was 3-1 with a 3.86 ERA and a strong candidate to fill the rotation. I had him penciled in as the five starter, even when Gallardo returned from his injury. He was pitching well, and though he was a reliable veteran.

This means that Sheets will start Opening Day, followed up Suppan. I would say Bush is the three, but he could be pused back to the Brewers Opening Day on Friday for some veteran presence on the mound. Not sure where Villanueva or Parra will be slotted, but one of them will likely be the long reliever / spot starter for the first couple weeks of the season when only four starters are needed.

Vargas will get picked up by someone for sure, and you can bet rather quickly.


Big Joe said...

Maybe Milwaukee can take that extra 2.7 mi. & pick up Kevin Gregg from Fla. He's the highest paid player on their team at 2.5 mil. & they'll be looking to trade him sometime this year.

Then we wouldn't have to overpay for Gagne next year.

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