Monday, March 10, 2008

New Favre Sports Illustrated Hard to Find

The new Sports Illustrated Collector's Edition featuring Brett Favre hit newsstands today, and for many people it wasn't easy to find. But just how hard would it be to find the magazine? Well, why don't you watch your favorite news reporter try to find out the answer.


Anonymous said...

I went to Barnes & Noble in Madison on Sunday to get one...totally sold out. Went to the ShopKo right next door...approximately 1 bazillion copies left.

Anonymous said...

They're still available on Amazon

Andrew said...

Worst post ever.

There were a bazillion copies at my grocery store. And that's with someone buying 15 of them.

BOO! (Congratulations on getting it linked in two places.)

MinnesotaSoxFan said...

That dummy could have went across the river, traveled 30 minutes north, and could have found approx. 25 SI copies right on the shelves at the grocery store that i work at.

Anonymous said...

that would have meant going to minnesota, which is generally a bad idea regardless.

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