Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday's Random Tourney Thoughts: Window 2

2:48 - Let's look in at some of the games so far. San Diego and UConn just got underway, Georgetown seems to be in good shape, and Texas is rolling over Austin Peay. We've got our eyes mainly on the Butler / South Alabama game, since we've got Bill Raftery on the call. Looks like the early session of games is heading back away from March Madness and back into MARCH BLOWOUT baby! (Winks)

3:42 - The action here has definitely cooled off. Tennessee, Butler and Georgetown are all winning by 19 or more. One game that is close is UCONN-San Diego. San Diego (my upset pick, that wink railed on) is winning by 5 at half, and has outplayed UConn especially on the offensive end. Gyno Pomare has looked good for the Toreros. I got a chance to see him play a few times during the WCC tourney and I like the way he plays. By the way for those of you who are not from the Wisconsin area this snow is ridiculous. (Bear)

5:40 - We had some internet outage over here at the command center. Just wanted to give our final thoughts on the games this afternoon. Bear was right on his San Diego upset, as they knocked off UConn in OT 70-69. They'll now face Western Kentucky in a match up of 12 and 13 seeds. Also, a couple of months back we read an outstanding article on San Diego's Rob Jones, who is the grandson of the man who led the mass suicide of Jonestown. We can't find it online anywhere, but it's an incredible story and if you can find it I'd give it a read. Texas took care of Austin Peay, Georgetown knocks off UMBC, and Butler knocked off my guys from South Alabama. We're in a lull now before the Friday night games, which we're just going to relax during, but come back later as our fantasy baseball review should be up shortly. In the meantime, some reruns of Stump the Schwab will hold us over. (Winks)


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