Saturday, March 15, 2008

Badgers on to Title Game; Hughes Injured

After trailing Michigan State for much of their Big Ten Semifinal match-up, the Badgers complete their biggest comeback of the season and knock off the Spartans 65-63. The Badgers didn't shoot well in the beginning of this game, but they went were able to start going inside, creating better shots, and drawing Michigan State into foul trouble. I know this because it was literally out of Billy Packer's mouth every other sentence. Butch had 19 points, Landry 18, Krabbenhoft 11. Michael Flowers only had four points, but both of his baskets came off big steals, including one in the final minutes.

The bad news in this one is that Trevon Hughes went down with what appeared to be a twisted ankle. It's unknown how long he'll be out, but it didn't look pretty. There are many people out there who hate the conference tournaments, because injuries like this one can happen. Whether you like it or not, these tournaments aren't going away anytime soon, and because of them a team like Illinois or Minnesota has the chance to get into the NCAA Tournament tomorrow. However, I disagree with the people that think Wisconsin is better off losing early and resting. This game was a huge win for the Badgers today, one that will help them mentally and physically if they are in a position like this in the tournament. If they lose a guy but continue their hot streak, that's something you have to live with. I would rather they win the tourney and lose Hughes than have them tank in the first round.

The Big Ten final is tomorrow at 2:30, the game will be on CBS.


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