Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday's Random NCAA Tourney Thoughts

We're back at for another day of NCAA updates to help get you through the day at work. Yesterday, Bear and I went to the grind to pump out continual updates, today we're feeling the effects of the sadly not completed quarter barrel. But there's no way we're going to miss any of the Friday games, especially with some key games that will affect our bracket. We'll be popping in every now and then with random thoughts from the day.

12:04 - In the early games, I got Tennessee over American, Gonzaga over Davidson, Miami over St. Mary's, and Drake over Western Kentucky. Many of those games are upset specials, but I'm sticking with the favorites for the early games. I think a lot of people took the Davidson upset, a role Gonzaga has been playing since they had Dan Dickau. When people are high on an upset, I like to stay away, although it seems more and more people are taking Siena over Vanderbilt, my upset special so to speak. We'll see how well this day ends up for me. So far, it's gotten off to a rough start thanks to the snow, a headache, and my buddies going to A&W without me. I'll be back in a bit, gotta raid the parents fridge first! (Winks)

1:19 - Thought Bear was going to join us for an update, but apparently he's not up to the task right now. I gotta admit too, I've been a little distracted this morning as I had to watch the Lost I missed last night. It was pretty good, thoughts coming Monday. That plug aside, we got some pretty good games going on this morning, which is a lot more than we can say about yesterday. Davidson has the edge on Gonzaga by 1, Western Kentucky is leading Drake, Miami is up 10, and Tennessee has finally pulled away from American, which I'm thankful for, because everyone else here is on the American bandwagon. I only know this because of how often I've been hearing Lee Greenwood songs while I was trying to watch Lost. Looks like I'm 2-2 in this stretch of games, but hopefully Gonzaga will pull through. Oh, and if you haven't been watching the games today, apparently TONIGHT THERES GONNA BE A JAILBREAK! (Winks)

1:32 - Well apparently me and winks were making a post at the same time, that said relatively the same thing. Let me just give you a run down right now of the situation. 8 guys in one living room with a keg of beer, and greasy food. Needless to say a candle had to be lit.... an I'm not even sure if that's helping. Thankfully two laptops and one TV are bringing us 3 games at once, so its tolerable. Tennessee just won 72-57 over American.(Bear)

1:45 - Quick update..... Miami beat St. Marys (one of my upset picks) the score 78-64. Davidson also made a great second half run to win 82-76. Meanwhile Western Kentucky and Drake are LOCKED UP IN A TIGHT ONE!!!!! score 86-85 at the 1:12 mark. (Bear)

2:13- March Madness officially begins now. Western Kentucky nails a deep three at the buzzer to upset Drake 101-99. There's your 12 seed everybody. It was a great game too, with a great finish. Games like that one are the reason you take these two days off. Or, its the reason you don't get a job so you're able to watch the games, like the majority of the guys here. Also, wanted to clear something up. Bear can talk a big game, but he hasn't touched the keg yet today, so I'm not sure why we're lighting candles. After his weak performance yesterday, I'll be surprised if he fills up at all today (as I write this, he just did).

There was also some debate in the household about the tradition of players locking arms during the end of the game. Bear says you have to be a 10 seed or lower to be able to do so, others say it's something any team can do. I say as long as you're losing, it's ok, but as a higher seed it's not a position you want to be in. Some good games starting now as well. I got South Alabama over Butler, and actually have them into the sweet 16 (but only in one bracket, so I can't brag). Also Texas over Austin Peay, Georgetown over UMBC (which doesn't stand for University of My Basketball College, nice try though), and UCONN over San Diego. Bear has San Diego winning, and then facing off against Drake in the next round. Oops.

Hang in there 9 to 5ers, 2 1/2 hours til the weekend! (Winks)

2:24 - Things that happen when a bunch of guys get together to watch the tournament: The volume gets turned down on all the TV's and laptops so that we can all hear the church music someone else is playing on their computer. Don't know how, but these things just happen. (Winks)


Anonymous said...

Tiger Woods is 9 under one behind the lead. On a side note Pat O is 20 over what he started the day with. Also you ever heard anyone tell you just don't talk for 8 seconds I have. That sounds strike-worthy.

P.S. Cashew Gang for life minus the coaches (Hall and Winkler). Worst dressed duo ever.

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