Thursday, March 27, 2008

Brewers 10, Cubs 10

What better way to end Spring Training then to match up against your bitter rivals, the Chicago Cubs? (those shirts can be found here.) It may have been a game where the major leaguers were out quickly while career minor league guys got their chance to shine, but the rivarly was ever present.

The starting lineups were pretty true to form for both team, but it was Mike DeFelice who took the mound for the Brewers, and Cory Bailey for the Cubs. (I'd say I don't know who either of these guys are, but then someone will send me video of them playing in high school ala Chris Quinn)

After five innings, the Brewers were up 8-4, in large part because of a J.J. Hardy two run double, a Rickie Weeks two run triple, and a solo shot from the bat of Mike Cameron. After that, many of the major leaguers hit the showers, and then most of them left the ballpark even before game's close.

Even though the next four innings of Brewers / Cubs wasn't anything like we'll see Monday on Opening Day, these guys were playing with the intensity of the big league rivalry. When big league Mike Fontenot pinch hit late in the game, he got beaned. They say it wasn't intentional, but everything's intentional when it's Brewers / Cubs.

The game went into extra innings, and the Brewers took a 10-9 lead in the 10th after a couple of throwing errors and a wild pitch. The Cubs tied in up in the bottom frame, and the game was called as a tie.

In other Brewers news, Yost is still working out the lineup, Capuano is going to try to avoid surgery, and could Ned Yost IV be with the big league Brewers after all?

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TBC's Player of the Game: Mike Rivera


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