Bucks Decide to Play Decent Tonight, but Still Lose

Wednesday, March 12, 2008 ·

Pregame Disscusion:

Coach K: Hey guys, we got the Utah Jazz at home tonight, they are 43-22, and a top contender in the West. Simmons, Ivey you are starting!

Charlie Bell: I suppose I'll step up my game tonight and earn some of my ridiculous contract.

Mo Williams: I can't play because my pelvis hurts, so does anyone care if I hit the strip clubs tonight?

Royal Ivey: I'm pretty sure I am the 448th best player of the 450 active players in the league!

Charlie Villanueva: Utah eh? I guess I'll try to get one assist but no more than one. And I still want to take 5 three pointers, its much easier to just hoist up a three than going inside.

Bobby Simmons: Did you just say I am starting? Am I still in Milwaukee?? I thought I could just shut it down for the year. Fine I guess I'll just foul my way to the bench. 13 minutes of work sounds like more than enough to me.

Michael Redd: I'm gonna get my 20 points, but can somebody help?

Andrew Bogut: Hey, I'll help. And I know we can win.....

Mo Williams:(interrupting) Sit down clown, you're still under a rookie contract.

Larry Harris: Look, I just came from my office. I've been playing with ESPN's NBA Lottery machine all day to get some advice on who I should draft next year, if for some unforeseen reason I haven't been fired, and we kept getting some foreign guy named Danilo. Italy could become Buck Country as well!

Ramon Sessions: Tonight I'll show flashes of a quality NBA player but I'll also remind everyone why I was in the D-League because rather than playing half-court basketball I'll run around at 100 mph and confuse my teammates.

Mo Williams: Who is this guy?? Haha, Whats he make, like $10,000 a year, get out of here.

Coach K: OK, Look can we at least score 100 points? You don't have to play up to your potential, but I would like you guys to play decent. Play with some energy so Paschke and McGlocklin can mention it 27 times. If you want, you can let them shoot 51% from the field, and I suppose you can blow it in the end. Bring it in. Jake I expect you to make funny faces to the camera in the background while doing pre-game warm ups.

Jake Voskuhl: You got it boss! YEAH! LETS DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bucks: 1....2....3..... Gooooooooo BUCKS!

(Note: this is only dramatization of what probably happened)

Here's the Box Score: 114-110

(P.S. I think Sessions will be a good player in a couple years)


b2 said...
March 12, 2008 at 10:56 PM  

sessions is the man

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