Friday, March 7, 2008

Good Riddance? Really?

"Good Riddance". That's the phrase I heard numerous times today, as I overheard a conversation about Brett Favre while at the gym. Said conversation took place directly behind me on the bikes, between two middle aged men. The guy basically said he was happy Favre was retiring, because even though he admitted we're a better team with him, he's sick of the interceptions. Sure, Favre is the career leader in interceptions after playing seventeen seasons, I'll give him that, I guess. But averaging 18 interceptions per year is something I'll live with, especially after 3 MVPs, a Super Bowl win, and only one season with a record under .500. Even though there were a lot of questionable throws (and the one in the NFC Championship wasn't as bad as people suggest), how many times were the interceptions a result of his receivers not being able to hang onto the ball?

I'm interested to give Aaron Rodgers a chance, we all should be. But unless you're in the Rodgers family tree, you should still be wishing number four would be calling the shots for the Pack next season.

I guess I shouldn't get too worked up though. The same guy that said "Good riddance" to Favre also said that the Packers should sign Mike Wahle (already signed with Seattle), Mike Cameron is a pitcher for the Brewers (really?), and that Highway 41 sucks (it doesn't).

So, in one of the more predictable last lines of a blog posting you will ever see, to that man I say...

Good Riddance.


Unknown said...

Don't be talking trash about Hwy 41.

Anonymous said...

ummm Interstate 41 is a road to heaven(fond du lac) im pretty sure. It spans from miami florida to the canadian boarder. These guys were clearly delusional.

Winks said...

Wow, I've really changed my tune since then.

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