Saturday, March 29, 2008

Everybody Hates Chris Quinn('s Jersey)

A few weeks ago the Milwaukee Bucks hit rock bottom when they lost to the Miami Heat at home. They then took on the Heat a few days later, and lost again. Two losses to the lowly Heat in one week. Well, in one of the games the Heat beat Milwaukee they were lead by Chris Quinn and his 24 point effort. I had no idea who Chris Quinn was, even as a loyal follower of the NBA. Must have slipped through the cracks. Well, one of the readers here definitely knew the name Chris Quinn, even calling me out by leaving highlights of him in high school in the comments of this post.

Well, I had to laugh today at an article I saw on Yahoo (or is it Yahoo!) today. Not only did it have the top ten best selling NBA jerseys of all-time, it also chronicled the worst. And guess who the least selling jersey in NBA history has been? (For the record, I'm on the Chris Quinn bandwagon now, I just didn't expect to see him on this list)


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