Thursday, March 13, 2008

Review: Gauntlet III(RW/RR Challenge Sea.15/Eps.8)

Hey, finally a good episode. It had a little of everything that keeps us coming back to the Challenge. Scheming, fighting, and a tough mission were what this weeks episode was all about. Also, the Rookies double up on victories for the first time all season. The final record equals Vets 10, Rooks 5.

This week we had a good mission, that's #2 if you are counting for the season. Granted the mission didn't have the competition that it could have due to most of the Veteran guys throwing it. It still did breed some controversy though. The ice water submersion was something that I've never done. I've always wanted to do a Polar Plunge type thing. I've taken ice baths before just covering my legs, but never have I totally submerged myself. Either way, it is a test of enduring pain, so it definitely was a good challenge.

Katie was a casualty due to most of the Vets throwing the mission. How about CT touching the water and then walking out. I think CT is the ultimate meat head but that was funny I must admit. Katie in the gauntlet versus Paula, was interesting as well. Frank finally did something this episode I agreed with, by not agreeing to save Danny, I mean that guy was gonna quit soon anyway so why make a deal. Then he helped Katie in the sliders gauntlet. Made sense, if she won, she would have made that team pay for scheming to throw her in, and that helps the Rookies. Of course they lost, and all Frank had to say was "Sorry, I tried." Classic.

The situation with Danny is really dumb. Of course Frank was really the one who orchestrated the whole thing by ratting on Danny as soon as he came out of freezer. Frank also butted in on the Vets discussion of it later. I don't really blame Frank though, turmoil on the Vets is better for the Rookies. I love how Kenny and Evan seem really pissed about Danny trying to save himself. I generally like these guys but seriously, he did the same thing these guys have been doing all season. A bit hypocritical I guess. In fact the only guy who didn't seem to care was Eric, who was laughing the whole time. I also thought it was comical that Danny tried completely denying it. It's gonna be on video buddy. Just admit it, then call out everyone else for what they have been doing. That's what I would have done.

Interesting turn of events with CT being schemed against as well. That shot of CT and Adam with a carrot top style do in Paris was funny, but also shows how big of a punk CT is. Then CT pouring beer on Adam was right on par for CT considering it was Frank who was purposefully trying to rile him up. Now the question is, did a few of the Vets throw the mission? I don't think they did, so basically Frank has no leverage on saying they should throw in CT. A CT versus Adam gauntlet would be intense, but I'm sure CT would kill Adam. I feel like Adam is a good player though, he might not be the strongest, but he is smart and can probably run. The Rookies save Eric which means that no matter who they put in a strong competitor is going home. I chuckled a few times that Frank threw a hissy-fit when the girls thought Adam should go in.

My guess is that they vote in Adam, and then the Vets pick Danny, with Adam winning. After this gauntlet shakes out the Veterans will have 10 competitors left, and the Rookies will have 6. That brings us to the final. From the previews it looks like this is the episode where Eric buys the farm, that should be interesting to see.

Things I Could Beat My Buddy Travis In: Sliders. No question, I win this. I'm a puzzle guy. I could do that in my sleep. Meanwhile Travis would be to busy fixing his hair or ironing his shorts. Bear 3, Travis 0. And it looks like the Vets versus the Rookies here.


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