Sunday, March 9, 2008

WIAA State Basketball Results (Boys)

A funny thing happens every year during the early March days of Wisconsin. Suddenly, if just for three days, everyone becomes the biggest high school basketball fan around. They watch the non-stop WIAA coverage at work and at home. The games play constantly at every YMCA in Wisconsin, as out of shape middle-aged men sit in the locker room wearing nothing but a towel (if anything at all) and discuss high school boys. Alumni of high schools that are in the tournament make it known that they used to go to the school you are watching. Also, people find themselves rooting for teams that are in their alma mater's conference, if only for another excuse to tell people what high school they went to.

I like the fact that the entire state gets to watch these student-athletes compete for a championship. The guys and girls that take part in these state tournaments deserve the attention for their athletic accomplishments. But let's remember something, these are kids playing a game. Let's not get too wound up about them.

I hate when I'll overhear a conversation where people criticize the play of high school kids. If you're going to watch these tournaments, I'll most likely join you. But let's not critique or overanalyze the play of these kids. I know that a lot of people love high school sports because of the raw emotion of it all, but let's wait until they reach it to college or the pros before we start to take these games too seriously. So, middle aged men at the Y, don't spend your afternoon critizing a division four school for the offense it ran. Just watch the game, enjoy it, and move on.

They are after all, just kids.

With that, your WIAA Boys State Basketball Champions.

D1: Wauwatosa East

D2: New Berlin Eisenhower

D3: La Crosse Aquinas

D4: Eleva-Strum

(If you couldn't already tell on this blog, I have something against older guys that sit and take up space at the YMCA all day. If you're one of them, I apologize. Also, would it kill you to put on some underwear?)


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