Sunday, March 23, 2008

Badgers Bid Creates Controversy

If I were to tell you about a team with a losing record that still was able to make the playoffs, you'd probably think I was refering to a team in the NBA's Eastern Conference. The fact is, we're talking about the Wisconsin Badgers' men's hockey team. The Badgers, at 15-16-1, were selected as an at-large bid in the 16 team NCAA tournament, and will host Denver this Saturday night. Denver is 26-13-1, but Madison was already deemed the host site.

The Badgers made the tournament thanks in part to some mysterious criteria and computer formula used to determine the at-large bids. Wisconsin made the team over Minnesota State, who was 19-16-4. Minnesota State won every head-to-head comparison with Wisconsin this season, but the lost out in the computer formula. So instead, it's the Badgers who will take on Denver this Saturday at 6:30pm. Hey, anyone want to go to the game?


Anonymous said...

It's called the PairWise and it's accurately predicted the field for the NCAA men's hockey tourney every time. It's not shocking in the least that the Badgers made it. Do they deserve it? Probably not. But if that tying goal in Denver wasn't disallowed in Januaray, both UW and Minnesota State would have been in.

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