Friday, March 28, 2008

There's Your Cinderella

Oh man. What the hell was that? A terrific Badgers season comes to a crashing halt after they run into a ten seed on a mission.

The Badgers either played like they didn't want to be there or like they took a victory for granted, because Davidson absolutely walked all over them. I thought Stephen Curry was a good story of this tournament along with everyone else, but I didn't honestly think their magic could continue against the team I was rooting for. If you didn't know the name Stephen Curry before the night, well, you do now. He lead the Wildcats to a 73-56 victory over the Badgers.

There was absolutely no way Davidson was going to lose this one. Once they went into halftime with the Badgers tied at 36, they knew this was a game they were going to win. Curry couldn't miss in the second half, ending the game with 32. He had Gus Johnson fired up, and I much as I love Gus Johnson, I've never heard him excited against my team before. That was terrority I never wanted to explore.

For the Badgers to win this game, they needed Flowers and Hughes to play well. Hughes got hurt mid way through the first half, and Flowers didn't defend well enough. Then he couldn't make a shot. And nobody really stepped up in their place.

Let's see. Didn't we just see a team from the Badger State exceed expectations to not only win their division but become the favorites in a critical playoff game, only to lose to an underdog (the Packers)? If this is the new way things are done around here, I'm not sure I like it.

Nevertheless, this should go down as a great season for the Badgers. They won the Big Ten season, and then the Big Ten Tourney. They made it to the Sweet Sixteen. Even with all of that being true, why does this season seem like a huge disappointment?

Well, time to focus on my bracket. Let's go Jayhawks!


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