Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yet Everyone Still Hates Him

He's trying to run Favre out of town! He won't sign any free agents! He won't resign Marco Rivera! Yeah, there were many reasons not to have faith in Ted Thompson when he came over to the Packers in 2005. But lest we forget, this is a man who was hand picked by Ron Wolf. The genius of all Packer geniuses. And according to The Sporting News, his last call wasn't half bad. (someone fact check me on the Wolf thing, he had input on that didn't he? Whatever, I'm a blog, who says I have to be credible.)

Anyways, according to the magazine / budding internet powerhouse, Ted Thompson was the top NFL Executive of 2007. I'm not sure how many people still hate the man, but you can't argue with him for how he assembled a team that went 13-3 and were a few plays away from the Super Bowl. Yeah, not every move has been a success (Adrian Klemm anyone?), but taking a team from 4-12, to 8-8, to 13-3 is worth NFL Executive of the Year honors to me.

By the way, did anyone know he played for the Houston Oilers in the mid-70s? How did I not know that?

(The JSOnline Blog explains why this award may be a bad omen for Thompson.)


Anonymous said...

wolf gave him his first front office gig, correct.

Anonymous said...

i should read the rest of the articles before posting, so then i can comment that

a. strange you use adriann klemm over manuel. or even matt o'dwyer.

b. how did you not know that?

Unknown said...

ted thompson's best quality is that he doesnt dwell on mistakes like sherman did. Sherman kept around ferguson, clithunt, and bj ryan when he knew they sucked. Teddy T is quick to dump guys when he knows they suck....lets see what happens with Harrell?

Anonymous said...

good point, but youre jumping the gun if youre saying harrell sucks. in the little time he played last year, he looked like he could be a solid dt. i like that hes real active when hes in, running guys down 10 yards down the field ala kgb and kampman.

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