Sunday, March 16, 2008

Badgers a 3 Seed, Marquette a 6 Seed

It wasn't really a question of if the Badgers would win the Big Ten Tournament today, just by how much. The Badgers roll to a 61-48 victory over Illinois today, earning the Big Ten Tournament trophy just one week after winning the Big Ten regular season. Brian Butch had 12 points, and Marcus Landry had 10. Trevon Hughes was back in the lineup, contributing with 8 points.

For the Badgers, this means they will enter the NCAA Tournament as a 3 seed. They could have easily earned a two seed, but instead appear to be the "top" 3 seed. Their reward? A bracket with Kansas and Georgetown in the Midwest. I guess it's a wash though, if the Badgers were to get a 2, I would imagine Georgetown would have been the 3, so it's really the same difference, right? The Badgers will play Cal State Fullerton on Thursday.

To get to the Finals, the Badgers likely road is Cal State Fullerton, USC, Georgetown, Kansas, North Carolina.

Marquette plays Kentucky on Thursday as well, they are a six seed in the West. Their likely road to the Finals includes Kentucky, Stanford, Texas, Memphis, and UCLA.

It's going to be an exciting tournament, get your brackets ready!


Anonymous said...

I predict the BAGERS will EACH the sweet 16. Come on winks.

Winks said...

Who keeps correcting me? Show yourself!

Anonymous said...

If we're going to be correcting you, "They're likely road to the Finals" should be their. take that.


Anonymous said...

I have a couple questions regarding round 2 of the Midwest regional in regards to the Badgers. I'm going to step out on a limb or a very sturdy branch and say that the Badger get past Cal State Ful. in round 1. Which brings me to my first question. If K State wins vs. USC who is going to attempt to stop, 6'9 freshman forward, Michael Beasley who is averaging about 26 a game? Second question. If USC wins vs. K State who will guard 6'5 freshman guard, OJ Mayo who is averaging about 20 a game?

I am a badger fan and know that they play very good team defense which will play a huge factor in the game. Just looking for some thoughts and intelligent insight.

-Smoke Tunes

Anonymous said...

I feel the Badgers got screwed, Big Ten regular season and tournament champs and only get a 3 seed. Absolutely no respect!


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