Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Packers Looking for the Next Frank Walker

Everybody knows Ted Thompson hates spending money on free agents. It's just not his bag, baby. He's more of a "build through the draft" guy, or "trade for unknowns that become Ryan Grant" guy. Last year, his only significant free agent acquistion was Frank Walker at cornerback, and he barely played besides some special teams work. Charles Woodson was his big free agent signing when he got to the Packers, don't expect him to ever make a signing bigger than that, especially this year.

Even though Favre retiring frees up another 10 million or so in cap room, Ted's likely to save that money for guys when their contracts expire. I don't hate his way of doing things. Free agent signings are usually hit or miss, as the Packers previous GM Mike Sherman can attest too. What better way to avoid that risk, than by not taking it at all?

The Packers do have some holes to fill this year, and we've already talked about some of Ted's interests in DE Corey Smith and LB Brandon Chillar (who will likely sign with Arizona). I don't want to forget about our big signing in OL Joe Toledo either. But we haven't touched on the other Frank Walker caliber players Ted is after. How about former Bengals WR Tab Perry! Perry would be a guy who would be competing for the 5th receiver spot, and might not even make the team.

Also, in their search for the backup for Aaron Rodgers (still sounds weird), the Packers were visited by 28 year old Quinn Gray. Gray is serviceable, and I wouldn't mind him. But I'm still holding out hope that the Pack either re-sign my lifelong favorite Craig Nall, or former Packer Mark Brunell.

Either way it won't matter, because Ted Thompson free agents are brought in to fill roster spots, and not to see field time.


Anonymous said...

i would be really pumped about quinn gray, considering the other options. we dodge a bullet with trent green and thankfully carr and harrington arent coming here. enough of this crap (not from you) about rodgers needing a tutor, too, hes had favre for three years. bring in a backup who can play. brunell is old. gray has done well when hes played, not making too many mistakes, and up until last year i thought he was david garrard anyways. if/when rodge gets hurt, id rather have gray starting than brunell(i).

Anonymous said...

also, i like craig nall, who doesnt? but i wouldnt be real comfortable with him starting either. hes option number two after gray.

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