Monday, March 17, 2008

Pack Resign Tracy White

The Packers announced Sunday they have resigned Tracy White, a backup linebacker but also one of the stalwarts of the Packers special teams unit. White has been signed to a year two year, $1.8 million contract, and will earn a signing bonus of $250,000. When I signed my contract at my job, my signing bonus was $100, so that's pretty impressive.

White, 26, also visited with Denver and Pittsburgh. Apparently, Pittsburgh offered a larger contract, but White says he wanted to remain a Packer. "I love it in Green Bay," said White, "Basically, I was talking to Green Bay the whole time."

One of White's goals is to be the first Packers special teamer to make the Pro Bowl since Travis Jervey did in 1997. "I've got unfinished business. I think I've got an excellent opportunity. I think they know that I'm like the special-teams guy."

This is a smart signing for the Packers, and not one that is unexpected. Every team needs a leader on special teams, and Tracy is our guy. Plus, the last special teamer who also played linebacker that we let get away was Hunter Hillenmeyer, and he's pretty good these days.

(thanks to the Journal Sentinel for the Tracy White quotes)


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