Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wanna Buy a Used Car?

When your owner won't let you make any moves at the deadline, it's a pretty good sign you're going to get canned. Well the inevitable was made official today, as Herb Kohl fired soon to be used car salesman Larry Harris. Harris now has "former Bucks GM" to add to his resume, along with "most nervous person ever" and "2nd place Tony Almeida look-alike contest". No word yet on who will be named the interim GM, our guess is Bucks director of player personnel Dave Babcock.

Harris has made some decent draft picks with the Bucks in Bogut and Yi, but the firing of Terry Porter and the Bobby Simmons and Charlie Bell contracts outweigh any positives he may have racked up in his tenure. Harris has been the Bucks General Manager since July 2003.

We've always liked Larry Harris the man if not for how amused we were at his uneasiness while holding his lucky charms in the 2005 NBA draft lottery. However, the Bucks have gone nowhere but down while Harris has been the general manager. The current team he has assembled consisted of guys talented enough to play in the NBA, but are more inclined to be role-players.

Later this week, we'll rundown the list of moves Harris has made as Bucks GM, and show you why it was indeed time for Harris and the Bucks to part ways.

Bill Simmons, question mark?


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