Thursday, March 20, 2008

NCAA Live(ish) Blog - Window #2

Here's what we got for the second window of games. #6 Marquette vs. #11 Kentucky, #11 Baylor vs. #6 Purdue, #8 UNLV vs. #9 Kent St., #3 Pittsburgh vs. #14 Oral Roberts, #3 Stanford vs. #14 Cornell.

1:40 - Some good games going on this afternoon. I got Marquette, Purdue, UNLV, Pittsburgh, and and Stanford. No upsets for me. (Winks)

1:43 - Hope Tom Crean has plenty of Diet soda to get him through this one. (Winks)

1:45 - In the second slate of games I have Purdue, Pitt, Stanford, and Kent St. so actually I have no upsets since even though Kent State is a 9 seed and UNLV is an 8, Kent State is favored by 2. Interesting, there are a few games where the lower seed is actually a favorite. (Bear)

1:51 - So far Winks is 2-1 and I am 3-0 on the day. (Bear)

1:53 - Marquette up 12-10, questionable charging call on Kentucky, good job of Hayward selling the charge. (Bear)

1:55 - Marquette defense steping up. Steal, layup, offensive rebound, basket. Have to like the early tenacity of Marquette, up 16-10. (Bear)

1:58 - Kent State-UNLV underway in Omaha, we're only gonna get this game via internet with Marquette dominating the Wisconsin market. (Bear)

1:59 - Golden Flashes was always a personal favorite for college nicknames. Lon Kruger and company looking tough early with the Runnin' Rebs up 6-2.(Bear)

2:02 - Seeing UNLV's Wink Adams brings back painful memories of the Badgers being ousted last year. He's already got 5 points as UNLV leads 9-2. (Bear)

2:05 - CBS says that Grandma-ma is UNLV's famous alum. Really thats what they are hanging their hat on??? Somebody more famous had to go there, after all the school is in Vegas. Vegas baby, Vegas. (Bear)

2:05 - I like Wink Adams. (Winks)

2:07 - Oral Roberts / Pittsburgh underway. Make your Oral Roberts jokes now. (Winks)

2:09 - Oral Robers 6, Pittsburgh 3. Upset? (Winks)

2:16 - Pittsburgh is one of the hottest teams of the tournament, interesting to see them struggling so far. (Winks)

2:19 - Let's go Running Rebels! They are up 12 points with 8 to go in the first. Marquette is up 3 at the two minute mark, Purdue is up 13-11 after ten minutes, and Oral Roberts and Pittsburgh are tied. Something tells me though if you're looking for score updates, The Bucky Channel isn't where you are going. (Winks)

2:20 - Gus Johnson seems a little subdued today. (Winks)

2:21 - Comment from b2: Maybe his voice is tiring from recording all those custom ring tones.

2:22 - Am I the only one in favor of abandoning the tournament and creating a bowl system? (Winks)

2:25 - Comment from nobody: Thanks for sitting in front of your computers all day and blogging something we're reading constantly. It's not a waste of your day at all!

2:26 - Real-life Bear has been researching information about the Honda Center for the last 20 minutes. (Winks)

2:27 - Marquette up 33-29 at the half. (Winks)

2:35 - Purdue looking good up 28-18. (Bear)

2:36 - Pitt is up 21-13. (Bear)

2:37 - Thanks to gdk for giving us a golf update, Tiger is -3 through 10 and apparently in the middle of the pack. Honestly though, on the greatest two days in sports. Golf isn't high on the priority list. (Bear)

2:40 - Purdue has some good ball movement and are getting long offensive rebounds. Purdue leads by 14 with 8 minutes left. (Bear)

2:41 - Pitt is currently on an 18-0 run. Oral Roberts looks to be on their knees right now...... Too low brow??? (Bear)

2:42 - Our buddy Merten cracks Barbie girl by Aqua (why is that on his laptop) and the crew at the command center is in dire need of beer and food. A run may be in the works, which would delay our coverage.(Bear)

2:45 - Every commercial break has produced the Miller Lite comercial with the dog and the song Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy.... its being pounded into my head. (Bear)

2:46 - Food and Beer run.. hopefully back in 20 minutes. (Bear)

3:25 - Longer run than we anticipated, but it was worth it. Tonight's Live Blog is being brought to you by Subway and Engie's Liquor Mart. (Winks)

3:26 - This CBS Sportsline online viewing thing is really taking off. We're number 25,000 on the waiting list. (Winks)

3:27 - Where's that guy that always corrects my spelling? He should have a field day after the quarter barrel that was just purchased. (Winks)

3:27 - Quick wait though on sportsline, about one minute tops. (Winks)

3:28 - Now that we're in, we don't know what game we want to watch. All of the games are heading to be blowouts except for this Marquette game. If you worked today, you didn't miss much. But there's still no reason for you not to take Friday off if you haven't already. (Winks)

3:30 - Marquette up 6 with 2 1/2 to play. (Winks)

3:34 - Shifting gears to tonight, I've noticed that USC over Wisconsin is a pretty popular pick for the next round. Except we got Bob Knight on our side, so that's encouraging. (Winks)

3:35 - Man, this sub is delicious. Any chance you can pump some money our way, Subway? (Bear)

3:36 - Still plenty of time to go in all three games besides the Marquette Kentucky one, and they are reaching the 20-point lead mark. (Winks)

3:37 - If you haven't noticed, I'm trying to update this as much as possible to make up for the fact that we were gone for 40 minutes. (Winks)

3:37 - Bear and I are going to switch spots on the couch. (Winks, obviously)

3:38 - Big three for Kentucky, Crawford with 35 points now. (Bear)

3:39 - Purdue is 7-19 from 3 land. Baylor not not forcing Purdue out of their game very much.(Bear)

3:42 - Kentucky is really keeping this close. Marquette needs to put this away, for the state of Wisconsin's sake and for my brackets sake. (Bear)

3:45 - Marquette looks like they are gonna go on to win after a big Wes Matthews rebound. His free throws give the Golden Eagles the 74-66 win. (Bear)


3:49 - Cornell-Stanford is about to tip off, CBS is should go over to the Purdue game.... but instead we get the UNLV-Kent State barn burner. (Bear)

3:52 - Keg is tapped, the High Life is flowing... after all it is the Champaigne of Beers. (Bear)

3:52 - I probably spelled Champaigne wrong...(Bear)

3:55 - Champagne. (Winks)

3:56 - comment from b2: Kevin Harlan is calling this game. Where's Rich Gannon?

3:58 - This live blog is about as successful as our Pro Bowl one was. And that's not a good thing. (Winks)

3:59 - These games are so unexciting, our afternoon has resorted to random YouTube clips. And that's not a good thing, either. (Winks)

4:04 - Needless to say, the first 7 games this afternoon have been a disappointment. (Everyone watching)

4:07 - Pittsburgh about to advance. (Winks)

4:08 - Stanford / Cornell isn't on TV in Wisconsin, so we're going to take advantage of the online broadcast. (Winks)

4:10 - We're going to wrap this up for the afternon, thanks for stopping by. (Winks)


Anonymous said...

Tiger Woods -3 under thru 10 holes right in the middle of the pack right where he needs to be to keep the streak going.

Edale said...

Tony's Boehm is on gchat and his current status is "The school mascot is a bear named Bearwinkle." Maybe that should be the mascot for the Bucky Channel.

Anonymous said...

Is there going to be a barrel for tomorrows games? PODOG is interested in coming down

Tony Brown said...

No televised games? Sounds like a good time for a Gauntlet recap. Get on it Bear.

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