Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bucks Climbing Up the Draft Board!

Want the surest sign that the Bucks are tanking it? Jake Voskuhl played nine minutes last night! Actually, the Bucks went 11 deep last night in their 103-86 loss to the Orlando Magic. I don't have much for you on this one, as the Bucks have faded into the background for me with March Madness in full swing and Opening Day just days away. However, I have already crossed over into rooting for them to lose territory. Why? Well, the last time I played the NBA Draft Lottery on, the Bucks kept ending up with some foreign guy I wasn't too excited about. Now? We're up to the likely seventh spot, just in time for Eric Gordon! I'd take that.

Bucks play again tonight against the Bulls, game time at 7:30.


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