Thursday, March 20, 2008

NCAA Live(ish) Blog - Window #1

Call it a Live Blog, call it an Open Thread, whatever you call it just know that Bear and I are camped out (in my parents house of all places) ready to watch the games with you today. Or, if you're one of the unlucky ones, ready to bring you updates while you work the day away. The first batch of games are: #14 Georgia vs. #3Xavier; #16 Portland St. vs. #1 Kansas; #12 Temple vs. #5 Michigan State.

11:29 - Watching the Georgia/Xavier game right now, there is absolutely nobody in those stands. (Winks)

11:30 - Heading over to Michigan State/Temple. GUS JOHNSON! (all bloggers love him, we're no exception) (Winks)

11:42 - Something I found that i think is pretty cool, especially for those of you at work. CBS sportsline is offering free video of the games. Plus when you get to the window they make you wait in a line to "get in to the stadium", I'm guessing to not over load the server, it took probably 15 seconds. Go here and click launch player. (Bear)

11:46 - However, if you are at work, this is your one last chance to bail. Start coughing. Take a long lunch. Do something! I'm telling you, waking up in my parents basement, eating out of their fridge, and watching the games is exactly where I want to be right now. (Winks)

11:48 - As far as the games go, I like Kansas, Michigan State, and Georgia. (Winks)

11:55 - I agree with Winks on this, I have Kansas, Michigan State and Xavier, but I wouldn't mind a Georgia upset. BTW Georgia looks good, up 23-17. Where did this team come from. Something happened when that tornado crashed into the Georgia Dome, they got some talent. (Bear)

12:00 - By the way, after some long deliberation, we decided we won't be doing the same thing for the Women's Tournament. Sorry. (Winks)

12:01 - If anyone is at work, we'd love to hear some stories about how you're trying to escape to watch the games, either online on the old fashioned way on the television. (Winks)

12:04 - Some game updates... Kansas is cruising... Georgia and Xavier and LOCKED UP IN A TIGHT ONE... and Michigan State is playing well against Temple. (Winks)

12:05 - Was there a more popular upset pick this year than Georgia. (Winks)

12:09 - Huge Ally-oop by Georgia, to put them up 33-24.... Wenzel and Bolerjack are going crazy, and there are crickets in the crowd. (Bear)

12:12 - Honestly, I'm a pretty big fan of the Big Ten, regardless of how boring it may be to the national audience. I just love this Michigan State team. I feel like if they played to their potential they would be one of the 5 best teams in the country. Its a shame really. That said, they are up 11 with 3 minutes left in the half. (Bear)

12:13 - The halftime show on looks like it's being broadcast from either the bathroom at a Denny's, or the showers in a local YMCA. (Winks)

12:16 - Temple to within 7, and Michigan State calls a timeout. The other games are at halftime. (Winks)

12:17 - Gus and Len talking about how good the crowd is in the Michigan State/Temple games, while the other venues are about as filled as a Division 3 Girls High School Basketball quarterfinal. (Winks)

12:28 - Update: Bear nearly spills a Coors Light all over my parent's new couch. (Winks)

12:37 - If you are in the D.C. area, tickets for the front 8 rows look available for the Georgia-Xavier game. looks to be playing with a little more energy right now. As I type this, Georiga gets a couple quick baskets... they just don't look like they are gonna fade. (Bear)

12:39 - Beer was nearly spilled because Winks put them in the freezer. Not my fault..... (Bear)

12:45 - NAYMICK WITH AUTHORITY.... something about a big red head dunking that makes me think of Todd MacCoulough. Michigan State up 40-26. (Bear)

12:45 - Michigan State pulling away. Hope this wasn't the 5/12 upset you picked. (Winks)

12:45 - The best debate of the morning: Do we buy another case of beer or upgrade to a quarter barrel. (Winks)

12:46 - No game right now is within 10 points. As our buddy Merten says, "This isn't March Madness this is March Blowout." Kind of a stretch, but he gets the point across. (Winks)

12:48 - Support the Bucky Channel by clicking on the advertisement links on this page! (that's our only plea of the day.

12:49 - Xavier is down 8, all eyes here are on that one right now. (Winks)

12:53 - Xavier calls timeout, back to within four. March Blowout no more! (Winks)

12:55 - Comment from edale: Unfortunately our IT department is too smart for all of our tricks. Luckily there are 5 big screen plasmas in our lunch room and conference room.

12:56 - We've quit on the Kansas game, too boring. But that's a great way to see your bracket winner start the tournament. (Winks)

12:57 - Not sure how much I like the moving whiteboard on these UPS commercials. (Winks)

1:03 - Good to see Edale in the house. 5 big screens in a lunch and conference room is no match for a livingroom with a tv and 2 laptops playing all threes games is it?????? OH to be in Chicago. (Bear)

1:06 - Xavier comeback! Up 52-49!!!!! March Madness!!! (Winks)

1:13 - Michigan State is dominating. Good to see the Big Ten's first team play strong in the always dicey 5-12 game. Xavier has finally shown up and it looks like so has the crowd. 54-51 Xavier, 5:31 left.(Bear)

1:16 - Xavier back up 8. Huge turnaround in a game that has to have a lot of bracket junkies on the edge of their seats. (Winks)

1:17 - Thank God for the internet feed, otherwise we're stuck with this Michigan State / Temple matchup. (Winks)

1:18 - Trying to figure out if live blogging with other people around makes me feel more like a dork, or less like one. (Winks)

1:27 - Definately, but whats wrong with being a sports dork. Xavier is up 4 with 2 minutes left, Temple has gotten back to 10 with Michigan State with 3:50 left and Kansas has won 85-61. (Bear)

1:29 - IF anything, at least this Georgia team has come out and shown that they have really gelled as a team. (Bear)

1:30 - Big bucket by Bliss to bring Georgia with in 1! (Bear)

1:31 - "Timeout Xavier.... AND A GOOD ONE!" Either Bolerjack or Wenzel, but lots of yelling going on between these two. If only Gus Johnson was in D.C. right now. (Bear)

1:33 - Temple trying to make it a game but it just as a feel if Michigan State has already won. 12 point game with 2:30 left. (Bear)

1:34 - Meanwhile TV CBS sends us to Aniheim with Jay Bilas for the #6Marquette-#11Kentucky game. (Bear)

1:37 - Michigan State wins 72-61. Big Ten fans gotta like that. (Bear)

1:39 - Xavier goes on to beat a Georgia team that looked tough all game long. Final score 73-61. The game was so much closer than the actual score. We are going into Session #2 of the games, and as such we'll get getting into window #2. Stay tuned, and click some ad's. We would really appreciate it. (Bear)


Anonymous said...

Have Merten blog for the womens tourny i bet he is in like 10 pools on ESPN.

Edale said...

Unfortunately our IT department is too smart for all of our tricks. Luckily there are 5 big screen plasmas in our lunch room and conference room.

Edale said...

Haha. Its not as G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S as it sounds. Bear you need to come down soon.

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