Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You Expected Any Different?

Alright, I'll bite. This is absolutely hysterical. Brett Favre is actually going to sign a contract with the Vikings worth at least $10 million dollars. Unbelievable. This guy really can't let go can he? I've spoken at length about Favre in the past, and I have nothing new to say here. Refer back to my "Winks Thinks: The Final Brett Favre Edition" if you want to hear my thoughts. Back then I wrote that I wished Favre would be a Viking so that even the most diehard of Favre lovers would finally hate him, and it looks like I got my wish. In fact, here are a few of the text messages I've already received today:

Dan: Fuckin Favre

Brett: Hahaha Favre, I hate this guy

Pat: Say it aint so Brett

Tony: U were right. Fuck favre

Ben: I want to inform you that all ties are broken and i officially hate the douchebag they call favre

Mike: 4-gettable! LOLZ!!!

So that pretty much does it. Favre is dead to everyone. Even last week I saw some footage of a Packer game from like 2001, and I was disgusted when Favre came on. This shit is ridiculous. What an asshole.

See you October 5th, you little bitch.


Unknown said...

Too bad the Vikes are getting a QB that hasn't won a big playoff game in a decade.

Unknown said...

I'll be seeing him at the Shitrodome September 27th! Any messages you guys would like me to relay to him?

Unknown said...

And actually, the "O" in my text was a zero (0), plz correct.

TZar said...

I saw that piece of shit practicing with the Vikes on tv and it made me want to puke. I can't wait until they impolode this season and childress gets canned.

TZar said...
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Jonk said...

2008 Favre with Jets: 9-7 record, 81.0 rating, 22 TD, 22* INT

2008 Vikings quarterbacks: 10-6 record, 81.5 rating, 22 TD, 17 INT

*=NFL leader

b2 said...

Great stat jonk. This shit is hilarious.

Bear said...


Cris Carter mixed emotions on it.... pretty good listen actually.

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