Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Almost Regret Making This

Before I moved back in with my parents and took a series of jobs I swore I'd never take, I once had a promising career as a television news man. One of the best stories I ever did was when I searched around La Crosse to find a particular special edition of Sports Illustrated. I'm still proud of the work, it's just a little unfortunate that the magazine revolved around a certain douchebag. Here's a little trip down memory lane, as I look for the Brett Favre Commemorative Sports Illustrated. (video is choppy for the first :10, but recovers nicely).

Oh, the olden days. Thanks to my buddy Hyke for posting the video.


TZar said...

"I've given everything I can to the game of football..."

Lisa said...

hahaha...this was so funny. Thanks needed the boost for work!

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