Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rouse Carted Off Practice Field

There are really only two things I look for every preseason. One, the compelling position battles which occur every year. Two, making sure that nobody gets injured. Well, the latter happened Wednesday night as Aaron Rouse was carted off with a hamstring injury. No word yet on how serious the injury is, but it was serious enough for McCarthy to stop practice ten minutes early and say that it "didn't look good".

According to the terrific Greg A. Bedard (which I seriously mean, he's everything in a beat reporter that Tom Haudricourt isn't), Rouse wasn't really in contention for a starting gig and may have even been traded because of the Packers depth at the position. I've always been a big Rouse fan, as he's one of the hardest hitters on this team. No matter what his future with the Packers held, however, this injury certainly didn't help.

In other (former) Packers news, this article is a great example why Favre won't help the Vikings too much this season, even if he does start off well.


Anonymous said...

whats wrong with haudricourt?

Brad Silvers said...

Both Bedard and Haudricourt are good at what they do, and provide a great inside look at the teams they cover.

But where Haudricourt comes across as an angry old man that doesn't like bloggers and complains too much for having one of the best jobs in America, Bedard writes like he loves his job and is more than willing to participate in chats and do the extra little things that make him a respected journalist.

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