Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rivera > Kendall

You may look at this article and say, "Jeez, Winks. Just because Mike Rivera has one decent game you think he's better than Kendall? You were probably just praising Kendall after his home run two days ago, and if Kendall has a good game today you'll write an article about how good he is. Bandwagon much?" Well, if you were to think that, you'd be incorrect.

I've always liked Mike Rivera better than Kendall, with the main reason being I just don't like Kendall that much. It all boils down to the fact that I don't get why he plays so much more than any other catcher in the league. Most starting catchers start five out of seven games a week, and then the backup gets a couple of games as well. But Kendall goes like fifteen to twenty straight games without resting all the time, even starting day games after night games which is uncommon for most backstops. If this method was justified, that's one thing, but it's not.

Kendall is a good game caller, yes. But that's pretty much all he has over Rivera. Rivera is not the catcher of the future, but he's no slouch, and he's way better with the bat than Kendall is. There's a reason why every time I see Kendall I say, "chopper to third." He sucks with the bat, he's awful, and that home run he night the other night was a joke.

So no, I'm definitely on record before this saying how much I don't really like Kendall. I guess I don't mind if he is the starting catcher, but it's never really been explained to me why he gets all this preferential treatment over Rivera. When your starting catcher isn't in the lineup your first instinct should be "oh, a natural off day", instead of "Who the hell is this Mike Rivera guy?"

Naturally, the Player of the Game in the Brewers 12-5 victory last night against the Astros will go to Mike Rivera, and deservedly so, as it was a big 3-run double in the 3rd inning that put this one in the Brewers control. So thanks Mike, Prince, Parra, and the rest of the gang for getting the Crew back to .500!

And for those scoring at home, I did watch this game basically in it's entirety. I was kind of all talk about watching the Packers last night, but that scrimmage never even happened, and the bar didn't have it on anyways.

Brewers going for the series victory, RIGHT NOW!

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