Monday, August 10, 2009

Party at My House

October 8th, 2009. Are you doing anything that night? Because if you aren't, I'd be more than happy to have you come over for my UFL Opening Night party. San Francisco will be taking on Las Vegas at 8pm Central on Versus, and you can watch it live on my new HDTV. Sound good?

I think so, but if it's anything like the XFL Opening Night party I tried to have in 2001, then it looks like my brother will be the only one in attendance. Either way, I'm always up for celebrating the start of a new football league, so the option is there.

In fact, the entire schedule has been released, and you can catch the games on either Versus or HDNet. Sure there are only four teams, but whatever. Football is football! (all times below are central).

October 8 - S.F.-Las Vegas (Versus, 8pm)
October 10 - N.Y.-Florida (HDNet, 6pm)
October 14 - Florida-Las Vegas (Versus, 8pm)
October 17 - N.Y.-S.F. (HDNet, 8pm)
October 22 - S.F.-Florida (Versus, 6pm)
October 29 - S.F.-N.Y. (Versus, 6pm)
October 30 - Las Vegas-Florida (HDNet, 6pm)
November 4 - Las Vegas-N.Y. (Versus, 6pm)
November 12 - Las Vegas-S.F. (Versus, 8pm)
November 14 - Florida-N.Y. (HDNet, 6pm)
November 19 - Florida-S.F. (Versus, 8pm)
November 20 - N.Y.-Las Vegas (HDNet, 8pm)
November 27 - Championship (Versus, 2pm)


Chad said...

When's the fantasy draft?

I got JP Losman

Stock Lemon said...

UFL baby!

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