Sunday, August 2, 2009

Villanueva Saves Otherwise Wasted Weekend

Slow weekend here at The Bucky Channel, due to the fast weekend it was in my life. I wrapped up my time at my restaurant job, and my hometown got a visit from Joe the Plumber, so as you can tell I had a pretty exciting weekend! Ha, gotta love Fond du Lac.

There were a few down moments in the weekend, however, most of which involved the Milwaukee Brewers. You likely know by now that the Brewers lost two of three to the Padres this weekend, a team they would have liked to sweep if they truly wanted to stay alive in this thing. But two more losses puts them one game back of .500, and even further back in the NL Central standings.

The first night was the worst night, as Braden Looper couldn't deal with a 7-1 lead and the Brewers ended up losing 11-7. Saturday wasn't much better as the Brewers lost 4-2, but they salvaged the series with a win on Sunday, as Carlos Villanueva gave up just two hits in five innings of work.

I don't know how many of you have jumped ship yet, but I sure have. When I say jumped ship, that doesn't mean I'm not rooting for these guys. It means I know simply know that this team isn't a playoff team, and this series only proved that further. These guys just don't look good, that's really all there is too it. I know that their schedule is a joke over the next month or so, but if we can only go 3-4 against Washington and San Diego, then how much better can things really get? That's all I'm saying, but I'm willing to watch in hopes that I'm wrong.

No Box Score contest this weekend, but it will be back tomorrow after the Brewers take on the Dodgers in what could be the make or break series of this 2009 season. Here though are the Player of the Game awards:

Friday - Prince Fielder
Saturday - Casey McGehee
Sunday - Carlos Villanueva

Oh, and these moves are probably worth mentioning. Tim Dillard was already sent back to Nashville so that the Crew could activate Claudio Vargas. Terrific. Corey Hart is probably out until September because his appendix needed to be removed, and will be replaced on the roster by Bill Hall, who could start in right tomorrow. Even better.

But wait, what's this? The Brewers signed outfielder Corey Patterson to a minor league contract? Now we're talking!


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